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How to Improve the Water Pressure in the Shower?

increase water pressure in the shower

Availability of adequate supply of water is quite miraculous, if you carefully observe it. You are privileged to get a shower but turning on the knob. But the common issue you have to deal with often is the low water pressure. It is really annoying while you are going to take a shower before heading to office.

Though there are numerous reasons for emerging this issue, but given below are some steps you may try before reaching out to your plumber. Read on to know them.

Check the water pressure

While experiencing low pressure in the shower for the last few days, confirmation is needed to pinpoint the exact plumbing cause. You may check the water pressure by placing a small jug under the shower head and measuring the time it takes to fill fully. This way

According to Emergency Plumber London, if it consumes more than 6 seconds then it is the issue of lower pressure of water. This common issue can be dealt with both DIY solution and by hiring the services of reliable local plumber if pinpointed.  This way you can increase water pressure in the shower.

Wash the shower head

This step is placed on the top of the post as it is the key solution often forgets by most homeowners. Due to the deposition of other gunk and mineral the shower head gets clogged that alleviates the water pressure extensively.

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Before starting inspecting other areas, unscrew the shower head and clean it by soaking it in the vinegar solution for 8 hours. After rinsing it if you still find further mineral deposits, you can remove them with the help of a toothpick. For the worse shower head, it is advisable to invest for a new substitute.

Inspect the settings of the shower head extensively

Various advanced shower head models are now available in the market. And if you have installed the one with water-saving feature, then you will always find limited water pressure. In one way, it is better option to save water by reducing its rate of flow.

But, on the other hand, sometimes it can trouble you while washing something as you need higher pressure of water to do the task. Flow restrictor is always available with the low-flow shower head and thus, you can fix its rate of flow as per your requirement. You can follow the instruction guide to set the rate of water flow.

Examine the main valve of water

If you have tried with every potential solution to retain the original water pressure of the shower and failed, then it’s the time to check the main water valve. It plays the vital role in controlling the rate of water flow to every fixture of your house.

If somehow it gets partially closed, then the water pressure will get affected badly. As per the top plumbing experts, 2 water valves are there which you have to inspect. They are mentioned below for your reference:

  • Shower Valve: It is usually located in the basement of your home, crawl space or in the access panel. You have to turn it anticlockwise to get it opened.
  • Main Valve: The main water valve is ideally situated close to the water meter. You will find 2 valves there and you have to turn both of them anticlockwise for opening them completely.
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If you find both of the valves are fine then, the issue may be with the curbside water valve and you have to hire a professional plumber to fix it.

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Call out for the professional plumber

If you can’t identify the exact problem with water pressure, then it is the right time when you have to call a plumber to fix it for you! You must choose such a professional who is highly experienced in this prospect and can pinpoint the exact problem. Then the issue will be solved so that you can get sufficient water pressure from next time while going to shower.

From the above discussion, it is clear that lower water pressure can be noticed more frequently in the shower head. But before hiring the services of your experienced as well as reliable local plumber, you may try out some simple solutions to fix the issue.

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