Invent In The Convenient And Durable Portable Nebulizer Machine

Invent In The Convenient And Durable Portable Nebulizer Machine!


If you have been suffering from prolonged breathing illnesses such as asthma, you must be aware of how challenging it is to find relief from your symptoms. On top of it, more challenging could be if your child suffers from respiratory diseases. This is because children become cranky while taking medicines, and it isn’t easy to teach them how to use an inhaler. However, thankfully, a portable nebulizer has been launched in the market that is equally effective and convenient to be used by individuals of all age groups.  

What is a portable Nebulizer, and how does it work?

A portable Nebulizer is an electronic device that turns liquid medicine for respiratory illnesses into a fine mist. These fine mist particles travel from the tube and reach the lungs directly, clearing the pathway. Taking nebulizing therapy is often known as a breathing treatment, and it is highly convenient to consume asthma medication and cure the symptoms of other respiratory diseases.

What types of respiratory conditions does the nebulizer treat? 

1. Asthma and asthma attacks are caused due to spasms in the air pipe that are usually caused by allergic reactions or prolonged asthma. 

2. Cystic fibrosis is a condition where the body starts making thick and sticky mucus that clocks the lungs and pancreas. The condition is mostly hereditary, but its symptoms can be calmed down by using a portable nebulizer machine for consuming the medicine.

3. Another critical disease that causes chronic inflammation in the lungs is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) that blocks the airflow from the lungs.

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4. Certain other respiratory diseases that are merely coughing can also be treated by using a portable Nebulizer regularly. 

Using a Nebulizer with the prescribed medication to treat all the above-mentioned conditions allows the medicine to get absorbed quickly and eliminate the symptoms effortlessly. 

How to keep a nebulizer clean and hygienic?

It is essential to clean and disinfect your nebulizing equipment to prevent any potential infections. Make sure to perform the cleaning process in dust and smoke-free area. After each treatment, clean and rinse the Nebulizer Cup thoroughly With warm water and shake it well to get rid of anything that may be stuck inside. Apart from cleaning the nebulizer cup, pay attention to cleaning the mask or mouthpiece with warm Soapy water. After a thorough cleaning, the whole equipment must be allowed to air dry until the next use. 

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