Total Drama Island characters

Do You Know the Names of 15 Total Drama Island Characters?


Total Drama Island characters

I have brought you all the Total Drama Island characters in this blog. All the characters of Total Drama Island are very famous among kids. That’s the reason their TRP is high. This original series is a Total Drama franchise, which has a total of six seasons in the timeframe of 8 years; it was first aired on 8 July 2007. Among the 52 characters in Total Drama Island’s first 5 seasons, let’s talk about the top 15 Total Drama Pahkitew island characters that are popular. 

1. Gwen

The Total Drama island character Gwen is an intelligent, self-dependent and nice girl. Gwen’s main characteristic is she doesn’t get thrilled or excited over tiny things. She is part of the Screaming Gophers group, where she is the camper and one of the total Drama island characters girl, who got into the finals.

2. Chris McLean

Chris McLean is the host of Total Drama Island; he designs all the tasks and challenges for the contestants. He is one of the main antagonists of this series.

3. Leshawna

Leshawna is among the important characters of Total Drama Island, who is a cast member of Total Drama Action and a member of Screaming Gophers.

4. Bridgette

Bridgette is a member of Team Victory, as the Total Drama World Tour qualified her. She also co-hosts the Total Drama Aftermath. 

5. Courtney  

Courtney first entered as a cast member on Ocean’s Eight or nine due to a successful lawsuit and became Killer Bass cast member. 

6. Blaineley

Blaineley Stacey Andrews O’Halloran hosted the Celebrity Manhunt, and later the total Drama island character girl hosted the Total Drama World Tour Aftermath.

7. Cody

Cody became a part of the Screaming Gophers on Total Drama Island, where he is a camper.

8. Duncan 

Duncan Total Drama island characters have a bad boy, very clever, and troublemaker characteristics. He became the part of the Total Drama Action Screaming Gaffers and is among the finalists. In The EX–Files, Duncan and Gwen become a couple when they have their second kiss.

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9. Izzy 

Izzy is not a happy-go-lucky Total Drama Action girl because she got placed on the Killer Bass. She has mental as well as a sweet side kind of characteristics.

10. Alejandro Burromuerto 

Alejandro Burromuerto plays the main antagonist in Total Drama Island: World Tour and All-Stars. Alejandro Burromuerto is charming and polite but has a dark and twisted side underneath.

11. Anne Marie  

Anne Marie is one of the sassy and tough girls obsessed with spray tan and hairspray, which she carries everywhere. She is the part of the Mutant Maggots. Anne also has a cameo at the end of the spin-off series.

12. Dawn

Dawn is a nature lover who wants to devote all the prize money to mother earth. Dawn is a mysterious lover who loves animals. She is the first girl member of the Total Drama: Revenge of the Island who received the symbol of immunity. Dawn is one of the original girl members of the Toxic Rats who didn’t lose her hair by a toxic substance. 

13. Owen 

Owen is a passionate, fun-loving, and friendly member of Total Drama Island who is the only person who sides with Duncan. Owen stated that his friend, Duncan scored 2 girls in the Total Drama Babe Olympics.

14. Geoffrey

Geoffrey is a party animal who is very enthusiastic and always has a positive attitude; he is a co-host on the Total Drama Aftermath. Geoffrey is also a member of the Killer Bass, a surfer, and a camper.

15. Harold

Harold loves music; he has skills like beatboxing, rapping, and many more. Harold, along with Courtney, got eliminated twice in two seasons of Total Drama island characters in real life. He is one of the top-ranked male contestants of Total Drama Action.

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