Winter in Long Island

The Best Way to Spend a Winter in Long Island


Winter can make or break whether someone loves an area or hates it. In the winter, you’ll see some of the worst weather and empty shops as the slow season hits, so how does Long Island hold up?

These are the best things to do and see while you’re visiting Long Island for the winter, and why this area is so popular.  

Go See the Sights

Heading to Jones beach might not sound ideal in the winter, but don’t let the cold scare you away! One of the most exciting stops is to drive through the Magic of Lights show. Here you can travel through Jones Beach State Park, enjoy light tunnels, and have a fun festival that’s all spread out over the two-mile course.  

You can even stop and check out the Toyota Holiday Village that’s hidden within it, which has food, drinks, Santa, and an ice skating rink! This is an awesome stop for anyone.  

Enjoy a Little History

If you want to stop and learn something new while looking at Long Island houses for sale, it’s time to check out the incredible history this area has to offer! One of the best destinations for this is the Vanderbilt Museum. Here you can check out the great museum, visit a planetarium, and even explore on a candlelight tour that will keep you stunned around every turn.  

You’ll want to take lots of pictures with family here. It’s great for making memories.  

Chilly Walk Through a Christmas Tree Farm

An awesome way to welcome the new season is to explore a Christmas tree farm! This will give you the opportunity to feel like you’re living out your own Hallmark movie moment as you look at unique trees while sipping an incredible hot chocolate. Winter Wonderland at The Waterdrinker Family Farm is an excellent destination for singles and families alike! You can even go ice skating if you want.

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Get Some Peace and Quiet

Although most think the holidays have to be flamboyant and loud, you can always get some peace and quiet by exploring the Hempstead Lake State Park, Heckscher Park, and Fire Island Lighthouse’s boardwalk.

These trails are quiet yet exciting, giving you the opportunity to have fun and connect with nature while you burn a few calories. The courses are gorgeous, rimmed with snow and arching trees in the winter. This is a walk that’s perfect year-round.

Get Off-Season Rates

One of the best things about traveling to Long Island in the off-season is how inexpensive everything is compared to what it’s like in the summer. In the winter, you can enjoy cheaper lodging, more availability for attractions, emptier beaches, and the same great food without a long line.

This means you can do and see more without having to worry about funds or lines getting in your way.  

Long Island is Incredible!

Whether you’re stopping in for a vacation or you’re considering moving here and want to scope the area out first: winter in Long Island is incredible! Consider visiting and checking out these sights soon!

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