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Logo Design-It’s Features and Elements

Logo Design-It’s Features and Elements

A logo is a symbol or an emblem that is adopted by an institution, organization or business firm to promote its unique identification. It may be a small sign or an abstract design or also a world mark. Creating a logo design is a part of graphic designing.

Types of Logo Designs

A logo is the primary identity and recognition of a specific brand. Some strategies should be done while creating a memorable logo. Below are 4 types of logo designs that should be considered while designing a logo for your brand name.

  • Worldmark logo design: A Worldmark design is the best for those companies whose names show what they do. This kind of logo is cost-effective for those companies who have a limited budget.
  • Lettermark logo design: A Lettermark is entirely based on the text. Instead of using the complete name of your brand, the initials can be used to represent the brand name.
  • Brandmark logo: A Brandmark logo uses a strong graphic which is mostly abstract.  For example, for newspaper houses, the logo is generally made in trademark black and white patterns, whereas for online media houses, the companies prefer logos which are colorful.
  • Iconic logo design: Iconic logo design is often regarded as a combination of logos. These types of logos are beneficial in depicting what a company does and stand for. You can contact a well-known graphic or logo designer who can work with Paint on the computer, or else, with Coreldraw to make high-quality business or corporate logos.

Few rules a logo designer should keep in mind to create a powerful logo

  • Start sketching: While you are in your way of logo design, sketch out all your ideas and then start building variations with each of them till it satisfies your eyes.
  • Design the logo that suits the brand: Before making a logo design, you should be well-researched about your clients and their respective audience.
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  • The simplicity of a logo design is the most critical factor of design. Simple logos are the one which people wish to see so that they can figure out the meaning from it and value the brand.
  • Scalability of a logo design is another crucial aspect. Scalability is an important factor because, the logo cannot be used in the same proportion everywhere, and so the designer must take the option of making it flexible enough. You can also go for DIY logo creations by using some simple designs and downloading logo design brochures online.
  • A logo should be memorable and impactful at the same time. No one remembers a logo for a great design. There are 1000s of logos out there which are great for designs, but when it comes to conveying the message, they fall back in quality.
  • Last but not least, a logo should have relevance with the brand name. A logo is an image representative of the brand, and hence it should connect the viewer’s mind with the brand.

Logo design is the future of graphic designs. Currently, many institutes offer courses in logo design which is also a part of the graphic designing courses. The main motto of logo design is to represent the brand name through an image.  There are a variety of companies which have gained popularity for their logos. Social media companies have logos which can be distinguished by people at first glance. Now you can also contact logo designing companies online and go for customizable options. You can buy logos in the package, or else, go for a yearly or half-yearly contract to make the logos more colorful.

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