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DesignCap Review: How to Make a Poster in 5 Minutes?

DesignCap Review: How to Make a Poster in 5 Minutes

The higher your efficiency, the greater the value. And the best way to improve efficiency is to make use of the most advanced tools. At present, the most efficient tools are rushing toward the direction of intelligence, including design. Intelligent online design is an inevitable trend, like the well-known Canva, Lucidpress, etc., so that many people who do not operate complex software can easily design their own works. The one I use the most is Design Cap, which has a clean and clear interface, a great template, and the most important one is totally free. With it, basically I rarely use other graphic editors.

Designing with DesignCap is very simple: choose a template, customize it, save the output. 3 steps get the poster done. Anyway, it’s easy to make a poster in 3 to 5 minutes.

Step 1: Choose a template

DesignCap’s interface comparison is refreshing, and the template area is classified by purpose, mainly including: promotion, music, education, sport, food, party, holiday, etc.

Basically covers the most important use scenarios, of course you can also start from scratch. At this point I choose the poster template, you can see the template is still very rich, the shortcoming is that you can not customize the search.

Step 2: Customize it with powerful editing features

Customizing templates is also simple, so you can import your own pictures, change the text, insert the clipart, and change the background. It is to be observed that DesignCap provides a super easy to use smart reference line, so you can easily align various texts, images, etc. When you edit individual text or images, you can also set their opacity or move them to different layers.

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The toolbar on the left can easily change the background, add stickers, the material in the sticker is quite rich, and supports search.

On the left side of the toolbar, you can easily import photos, insert icons, change the background. Photos and icons in the library of DesignCap is still quite rich, and support search.

If your idea is clear, it will be easy to get it in a matter of minutes.

Step 3: Save the output

Click Save to download your design, you can save it as jpg, standard png, transparent png formats. The picture size can be selected small, medium, large, xlarge. What’s more, you can directly share the results on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, etc.

It was so simple, for a few minutes, that a professional design work was done. For most of your daily life and work, DesignCap’s features are enough. The key is that you don’t need to install software, directly open the Web page to start your design process. It would be more convenient if the mobile version were to be supported in the future.

Intelligent design is an unstoppable trend. In fact, everything will be intelligent. Future designers may only need to think about the plan first, then describe the artificial intelligence assistant, and then they can generate the solution in an instant. At last, the designer can further modify and optimize it. This is why aesthetics and imagination are so important. When “how to” becomes easier, creativity becomes scarce. The rarest talent of the future is the one who has the design thinking and can use a variety of tools to create the best solution.

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