What Are Some Of The Avoidable Mistakes While Using A Lip Scrub

What Are Some Of The Avoidable Mistakes While Using A Lip Scrub?

Are you tired of having dry and flaky lips all the time? Have you been wondering how these pretty girls on the internet have luscious and nourished lips? All your questions have a single answer – lip scrub. It would be best if you used lip scrub in the right way so that it doesn’t cause any harm to your soft lips. So, mentioned below are some of the most common mistakes which need to be avoided while using a lip scrub. What could these be? Have you been curiously waiting for these tips? Stay tuned to the entire article details below.

What are the mistakes to avoid while using a lip scrub?

  • Not storing the lip scrub in the right manner: As we know, homemade lip scrubs can be considered safe for consumption, but one shouldn’t go beyond their shelf life. Since there are no preservatives, you can store this lip scrub in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Thus if you are making homemade lip scrubs, ensure that they are made in smaller quantities. However, if you are a busy individual, making a lip scrub at home is a hassle; thus, you can purchase one with a longer shelf life.
  • Do not skip lip balm: So, once you have got your lip exfoliated, you need to use a lip balm with SPF; it is mandatory. All the moisture in the oils of your lip scrub will be sealed and your lips will also be protected from harsh UV rays. So, after you have used the lip scrub, use a generous amount of lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and smooth. Further, you can also apply your favourite lipstick as per your need.
  • Addition of lemon juice to lip scrubs: Yes, lemon juice is mostly used for skincare in DIY products since it acts as a bleaching agent. However, it would be best if you remembered that this isn’t suitable for all lip types and thus it can even burn your lips and skin. Therefore adding lemon juice to homemade lip scrubs is a huge no! Rather, you can check out other alternatives to add to your lip scrub for gentle exfoliation and soothing.
  • Never over-exfoliate: Never exfoliate your lips more than three times a week because it can make the skin on your lips extremely sensitive, and that can lead to bleeding. The major motive to scrub your lips is to remove dead skin cells, which cause irritation and flaky skin on the lip.
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Before you buy a lip scrub or even make one, check out for some healthy ingredients that will not cause any harm to your skin, even if it is highly sensitive.

So, if you have been messing around with your lip scrub, it is high time you change your regular habits and keep away from these mistakes. You can now easily buy these beauty products online. Also, try your luck with a good anti-ageing face serum which can be availed from stores online. Healthy skin and lips add more confidence to your face!

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