7 Significant Ways to Be a More Eco-Friendly Cannabis User

7 Significant Ways to Be a More Eco-Friendly Cannabis User


While weed is becoming more legal, it is not inherently becoming more environmentally friendly. While growers bear most of the burden, you can take measures as a pot user to help the environment. To ensure your weed carbon footprint is nothing more than what you blow out to the environment, below are seven ways to be an eco-friendlier stoner.

Recycle Weed Packages

From the standpoint of a weed user, the product’s packaging is the most significant element affecting the environment. Marijuana products come with a lot of waste, such as plastic containers, the plastic packaging of your Cannabidiol edibles, and so on. If it is recyclable, all waste from used weed products ought to be dumped in recycling bins. Some clinics use recyclable plastic bottles; however, check to see if the tube has a recycling sign on it before throwing it in the bin.

Buy Quality Vape Pens

If grinding your dry herbs using some of the best weed grinders 2021 is not for you, use quality vaping devices more robust and secure than the cheaper Chinese-made alternatives. Sub-standard disposable vape pens tend to explode, resulting in serious injuries. Devices of good quality can be durable and are less likely to end up in landfills. Ice water or CO2 extracts are safer and environmentally friendly substitutes.

There isn’t a better way to grasp the effectiveness of a natural cure than to vape using high-quality vaping devices. Focus on the material and choose pens made of ceramic plates as you make a purchase decision. They are long-lasting and eliminate the burnt taste that low-quality pens can produce. Consider battery life, customization, portability, ease of use, battery, and warranty, among other things. When buying a vape pen, it’s crucial to assess all aspects, from examining claimed materials to confirming their functionality.

Avoid Plastic Packaging

You may also choose to avoid using any packaging materials entirely and instead opt for items made of glass. Consider the amount of plastic you took home with you after purchasing CBD products and how long it would take it to decompose. Glass packaging can be reused or recycled, whereas tins can be used to store your edibles. Whether you consume weed or not, doing away with plastic is the best and most effective approach to improve the ecosystem.

Buy Organic Products

Purchase organic marijuana products that have been grown using natural and sustainable techniques. Because of its clean makeup and no use of pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals, it is far safer and healthier for consumers. Pesticides can have detrimental effects on your health in the short and long term, causing diarrhea, nausea, and dizziness and damage the reproductive, nervous, and brain systems.

Such toxic elements are often damaging to the environment, and unethical farmers can utilize them to boost their harvest. Pesticides are toxic elements that can contaminate soil, water, vegetation, wildlife like fish, insects, birds, and plants. 

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However, Weedsmart is a controlled product exempted from food and drug laws and can’t be certified organic. Because anyone can label their marijuana product organic, customers must pay close attention to the contents of the products they purchase and only purchase from reputable sellers or companies.

Use Green Cleaning Products

It’s crucial to keep smoking devices clean to obtain the best effects. Popular weed cleaning hacks like Epsom salts, isopropyl alcohol, and acetone contain evaporative organic compounds and other chemicals. These chemicals can damage the water supply and drain pipes.

Various items use environmentally friendly ingredients and wash all tools in an environmentally friendly manner. If you decide to do it alone, many popular household items like vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and lemons are well-known for their powerful and natural cleaning properties. Before you start cleaning, double-check that the selected ingredients are suitable for the item in question.

Dispose of Vape Batteries Properly

Vaporizers are widely available and are now an excellent option for other forms of products. Ready for use, some vapes have cartridges attached to a rechargeable battery. Unfortunately, oily vaping cartridges are hardly recyclable, and vape device batteries are not intended for use over long periods. While there is currently no way to recycle these pens’ cartridges, it is possible to recycle their batteries.

The extraction of lithium, used in vape batteries, impacts the environment due to drilling and land clearing and its high chemical and energy costs. All types of batteries are regarded as hazardous waste across many cities; therefore, ensure you dispose of them properly. Rather than throwing out batteries that have served their life and introducing animals and plants to toxic chemicals, look up a battery drop-off site near you.

You may also consult nearby services or pharmacies to learn the process of unloading your batteries. They can either take it upon themselves to return the batteries or form a relationship with various environmentally friendly agencies.

Choose businesses that are committed to sustainability.

Since many marijuana users are unconcerned with plastic or recyclable packaging, several companies have taken the initiative to sell products in eco-friendly packaging. Many businesses in the medical and healthcare sector are prioritizing environmental sustainability. One wise choice that all pot users should make is to help manufacturers using biodegradable packaging whenever possible.

Marijuana grown outside uses less energy than marijuana that is grown indoors, which is very well known. One way to support conservation and businesses that prioritize would be to use your buying power to generate outdoor or greenhouse marijuana products.


Your world will appreciate you with your newfound awareness of reducing your carbon footprint when consuming weed and becoming a green stoner. Although reforming your behaviors can sound insignificant, it makes a massive difference once you realize that you are using recyclable and reusable products that negatively affect the ecosystem.

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