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Organise Those Beauty Products


We spend a couple of minutes brushing our teeth in our bathrooms, but often we spend much longer in our bathroom doing beauty routines or even getting ready for the day. We shut the sliding door, turn the barn door lock, and get ready for the day in privacy.

To get the most out of your time, it makes sense to have a plan for organising your products and makeup. Here are five great ideas for organising beauty products in the bathroom.

Use clear storage containers with lids

Water can occasionally splash out of a small container or bottle, especially when you put it on the edge of a sink. For this reason, I prefer to use clear plastic containers with lids. They are pretty and convenient for many different products such as foundation, mascara, or even hair conditioner.

You can pick such containers depending on the volume you need to store. Container colours can also help to define your aesthetic taste. Therefore, if you are a fan of blue, yellow, or green, you might want to use clear jars with flat lids.

Use a brush rack

Although there is no need to buy several racks, you can use your favourite makeup brushes to create unique beauty product racks. For example, the wooden letter “K” or small metal tools used in the kitchen can make great toothbrushes holders. You can also create a brush holder using an empty water dispenser or a medicine cabinet mirror with a hook.

This is economical since the input materials will be predominantly sourced from home, but you will get more space for storing your toothbrushes and other beauty makeup tools. Also, this approach is an excellent way to add some decorative elements to your bathroom.

Use an over-the-door organiser to save countertop space

If you want to make the most of your bathroom, storing makeup and bottles is a great way to maximise the use of your counter space. This bottle organiser attaches easily to the back of your door or even on a wall with sticky hooks if you prefer.

Many people like to use a combination of the over-the-door organiser and under-the-sink storage. It becomes easier to store different products from the same brand and combine them when needed.

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Use a drawer

If you have an extra drawer in your bathroom, you can use it to store all of your beauty products in one place. You can make this drawer quickly by adding a tray slide to your existing drawers and placing it separately on the countertop. You can use a basket for storing cotton balls, Q-tips, hair ties, hairpins, and other items.

Your bathroom will look more appealing with a drawer to store your beauty products. Therefore, it will not be as cluttered on the counter.

You can also use an under-the-sink unit to store your beauty products or makeup tools. Such a unit is available in different sizes, and it goes under the sink shelf, next to the cabinet shelves or even under the countertop. It usually comes in chrome or white finish, so you can choose one that matches your décor theme.

Use a bathroom organiser to save cabinet space

These things are beneficial for organising products and storing towels and personal linen items such as underwear or socks. You can find them in different sizes depending on what you need to have organised. They contain small pockets, hooks, and flat open spaces where you can store makeup that is used daily, such as lipstick, foundation, or mascara.

Always remember to check the size of your cabinet and make sure that you can fit all the items inside before you buy one.

It is essential to store each product separately for those who like to use different beauty products from different brands. You can help keep track of the quantity of each product by using a basket for your makeup tools or accessories.

By ensuring your bathroom is well organised, you will be able to maximise the amount of time you spend doing beauty rituals and get more pleasure from them. Similarly, you can keep your cabinets and drawers organised to keep everything in its place.