Panna gemstone- astrological benefits and the correct way of wearing it.


Panna stone, also known as an emerald in English is one of the most good looking, pleasing and beneficial gemstones. Along with Ruby and sapphire, the panna stone comes in the list of the three top-most gemstones. Panna is co-related to the planet Mercury and is most effectively used in gemstone therapy. The best quality emeralds are found in the mines of Zambia and Scotland. The panna stone can be light green, dark green or a very dull green in colour. The purest panna gemstone is the one that is clear in appearance and does not have any dark spots inside it. This type of gemstone is very expensive. Below we look at some of the astrological benefits of wearing a panna stone.

The astrological Benefits of wearing a Panna stone.

People who want to pursue a career in arts benefit greatly from a panna stone. Emerald is believed to sharpen ones creativity and improves the innovative thinking in a person’s artistic skills. It helps to improve focus and work efficiency thereby helping them to lay out their ideas in a more implicit and fruitful way .A panna stone has healing and remedial properties in the sense that cures various physical as well as mental ailments. It is beneficial in curing stammering, hypersensitivity, nervous disorders, breathing and other respiratory problems. People who are diagnosed with these ailments find a considerable improvement after wearing a panna stone. For the not-so intelligent students a panna stone is said to improve their focus and concentration and give them a better understanding power. Thy will be able to sit in their exams with confidence and score very good marks.

A panna stone offers many benefits to lovers and married couples. A loveless or an unsuccessful marriage is set right by wearing a panna stone as it is said to restore the love and loyalty between partners. A panna stone also helps an expectant woman with fewer hours of labour and easy delivery Professionals from the field of astronomical Science and IT sector are thought to reap many benefits after wearing a panna stone. A person who wants to have a good command over his communication skills and become an expert in public speaking, benefits greatly with a panna stone, on recommendation of a renowned and trusted astrologer. 

People whose marriages have been a disaster or students who have performed very poorly in school or in any other walk of life and are in despair can get back the positivity and ray of hope in them by wearing a panna stone. After seeking suggestions from an expert in gemmology, he or she can wear the stone and feel better in all occupations as it cures all previous traumatic experiences and mental agony and offers peace to the mind. Another benefit of wearing an emerald is that it multiplies the wealth of the wearer           

The correct procedure of wearing a panna gemstone.

There are different types of gemstones available, each one having its characteristic properties, uniqueness and benefits.  Similarly, Panna too bears its special attributes. One outstanding feature of the Panna is its dazzling green colour that captivates the attention of every one. It possesses several metaphysical properties and is a sought-after gemstone. However, the panna ring need to be worn in the correct manner to be able to obtain maximum benefits from it. Below we list the correct ways of wearing an emerald stone.

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1) Just like most gemstones, the emerald too needs to be worn under the recommendation of an experienced and certified astrologer or gemmology pundit. As emerald is ruled by the planet Mercury the astrologer will be able to tell you if the emerald would prove beneficial to you, by making reference to your birth chart. The astrologer will check the alignment of mercury in your birth chart, whether it is positioned in favour or not in your horoscope and give you suggestions accordingly.

2 Once you have made consultation with your astrologer it is time for you to buy an emerald stone. You must buy an emerald gemstone of a good quality from a renowned, reliable and certified gemstone dealer. Buying an emerald of a poor quality, will do more harm than good.

3) Once you have purchased an emerald of the best quality the next step is to wear the stone. Astrologers advise that ideally you should wear the panna stone on a Wednesday mornings as Wednesday is ruled by mercury-which is the lord of the emerald gemstone.  A good quality emerald stone must weigh at least three carats. Men can wear the panna stone on the little finger of their right hand and women can adorn it on the last finger of their left hand too.

4) Astrologers recommended that while wearing a panna stone, you should sit on a green coloured cloth, facing the northeast direction.

5) The jewelled in which the emerald stone is studded can be purified by dipping it in raw milk or in Ganga water for about half an hour. This method washes away the negative energies of the gemstone. Once purified, remove the jewellery and put it on the green cloth.

6) Before you wear the jewellery in your body burn five incense sticks and offer flowers.  Pray to lord mercury to shower plenty of blessings to you after wearing the emerald. Your life will gradually become easy and better.

7) Remember to clean the ornament frequently so that it retains its effectiveness.  After consulting an astrologer, you can change the ring after a few years.

 Emerald is a precious stone. It should be worn only after consulting a veteran astrologer who would see the position of the Mercury in your astrological chart and guide you accordingly. Also keep in mind to buy the gemstone from a reputed and trusted gemstone supplier to avoid being duped in the panna stone price and so that you can derive maximum astrological benefits from it. For the best quality certified gemstones, visit the Khannagems store that have an experience of more than 30 years in identifying and choosing the most authentic gemstones. These gemstones are energized, so that you can reap the best benefits from it. You can purchase the emerald stone online by visiting the website of the Khanna gemstones i.e.,

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