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Perfume has its origin in the Arabic Region. The perfume was originally known as per-fumus, an acronym from the Greek-Latin. After so many decades, in the 1300s, perfume was introduced in Europe by the command of Queen Elizabeth of Hungary. Any many named it the water of Hungary. Moving on to the current era, France is currently holding the throne in the making of perfume. Nevertheless, if you have a franchise or the business of manufacturing perfumes, then you may need its packaging in bulk as well. And if that is the case, you may need to try out perfume boxes wholesale. 

What do you ought to know about perfume?

A perfume is a fragrance that men and women both like to wear on functions. According to a philosopher, everyone has a unique taste in perfume as well. There are four main types of scent, such as floral, oriental, woody, and fresh. Different people have different opinions about the fragrance. Some may like the fragrance of rose or jasmine and some may like the smell of Oud. Perfume is also a perfect example of gifts as well. Many use perfume as gifts as well. Therefore, you can have your perfume boxes wholesale in the form of gift boxes.

Are there any perquisites of having perfume boxes wholesale?

Well, when it comes to packaging your perfumes in bulk quantities. You sure will need perfume packaging boxes in huge quantities. Wholesalers and packaging companies provide their clients readily affordable prices, resulting in your packaging being cost-effective and convenient for you to have. You will also get some free services from the wholesale packaging company along with its low prices. 

But the question remains still, does wholesale packaging provides the customization. Well to my knowledge, it does provide the customization. If you choose a reputable wholesale packaging company, they will surely provide you with customization services. Therefore, it is safe to say that you can have your custom perfume boxes if you order from perfume packaging wholesale.

What are the services that wholesale packaging companies provide?

In addition to giving you a lower rate, you will also get some of their services for free when you order your packaging from a wholesale company. But what are those services that you can avail yourself of?

Graphic Design:

Graphic design is one of the main services that wholesale packaging companies provide. Therefore, you can have any graphic design on your packaging free of cost. For example, if you want to have a logo on your packaging that represents your company or your legacy without worrying about the price factor. Therefore you can customize your packaging visuals as per your requirement.


Shipping is the most concerning factor in the packaging business. Despite what many people think, a wholesale packaging company can offer you free shipping for bulk packaging. It will help you to have your packaging in the most cost-effective manner. Therefore, it is safe to say that perfume boxes wholesale is the most cost-effective way to have your packaging.

Add an eye-catching design to your boxes:

The packaging is one of the main things your customer interacts with before they see the product. In order to attract new potential buyers, you have to come up with a unique packaging style that can attract them right away. The factor that separates your product from others is its packaging. Hence, it is compulsory for you to have a unique and elegant design on your packaging that can set you apart from the competitors.

Textures and Font Styles:

Adding eye-catching styles to your packaging is one thing, but the packaging style is another factor that will attract customers. Buyers like to purchase the product that provides the packaging experience. In order to provide your customer the elite packaging experience, you may have to add textures. You can choose from a variety of textures for your packaging, but my favorite is the matte texture and the one that gives the impression of the wood grain.

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Moreover, you can add different font styles to your packaging as well. You can have an Arabic font, an Italian font, or a Roman font engraved onto your packaging in order to provide your customers with an optimal packaging experience.

What raw material should you choose for the packaging?

In order to achieve the best perfume packaging boxes, you have to choose the perfect raw material that can stand with all the procedures given above. To my knowledge, many packaging companies use cardboard and Kraft paper material to manufacture custom perfume boxes. Why cardboard and Kraft paper? The cardboard and Kraft paper almost share the same properties. Customization with such materials is easy. You can easily wear and tear these materials, which means you have them carve into any shape you desire. You can use any printing technique like digital printing for your packaging, knowing that it won’t damage it. These materials also provide the best durability. It does not let humidity or moisture damage your product as it shares the property of being heat resistant. Therefore, using such material as cardboard or kraft paper is perfect for packaging purposes.

Innovative yet informational:

With the help of a packaging company, you can make your packaging much more innovative. You can apply different shapes to your packaging. My favorite one is the window-die-cut design because it lets your packaging be innovative, as well as at the same time informational. Your packaging should be informative about the product. It should state the ingredient and the name of the scent that perfume contains. Furthermore, it should be able to tell the genre of your fragrance; you can get all of that just by asking your packaging company.

Moreover, you can advertise yourself through the packaging as well. People are obsessed with brands. And if you want your brand to be recognized well, then using your packaging as the medium of advertising is just perfect. You can add your brand’s benchmark to your packaging by just simply asking your packaging company, and they will do it for you.

Promotes the green packaging:

If you tend to customize your packaging, you are supporting environmental preservation, since you can choose green packaging. What does green packaging mean? Green packaging means that is eco-friendly and cannot harm the earth in any way. Therefore, when you choose your packaging material to be cardboard and Kraft paper. You are choosing a packaging that is not just cost-effective, but you are also choosing a packaging approach that is eco-friendly as well. Therefore, you have more reasons to have custom perfume boxes as your packaging.

In a nutshell:

The article concludes, why you should have perfume boxes wholesale. This article is a guide to have better perfume packaging. So if you’re looking for ways to make better perfume packaging, you should do exactly the same as what this article says. This approach is not only better in terms of packaging, but it is also one of the most cost-effective methods to achieve your packaging goals. Therefore, you have your custom perfume packaging in a very cost-effective manner which is also eco-friendly and provides the best durability keeping your product safe.

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