Control Bar and Lines

A kite is essential, but without a bar it is just like a motorcycle with no handlebars. Kitesurfing will be easier if you have a control bar and a kite.

Control bars can vary in length, weight, and comfort depending upon the manufacturer’s design. Some bars will be shorter than others, while others will be longer. They can be anywhere from 30 cm to 60 cm. As smaller bars are designed for smaller kites, larger bars will be used for larger ones. The kite size determines the bar size. This allows for easy control and proportional leverage.

Flying different kitses will show you that certain bars are lighter than others. This can affect performance, but it is mainly about comfort. Some prefer to feel heavier and more powerful while others prefer a lighter and thinner bar. All control bars have the same purpose: to control the kite as safely and efficiently as possible.

The input from the bar is sent to the kite via the lines when the rider steers it. The number of lines depends on the kite manufacturer and type. You will generally have between 2 and 4 lines, with different lengths ranging from 5 to 24 meters (sometimes even more). The length of your lines will vary depending on where you are at the progression. For example, shorter lines are better for learning how to fly a kite and longer lines are better for starting to ride.

The two steering lines that are attached to the bar’s outside are the backlines. Next, 2 (or 3 sometimes) of those lines (frontlines) run through the middle of the bar. The main safety system is attached at one of the frontlines.

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Although each control bar’s safety system may differ slightly, modern equipment uses a push-away-quick release system that opens the “chicken loop” and reduces your kite’s power. Doing this engages a re-ride safety system which instantly flags out the kite and stops it from pulling you.

One of the major reasons for the growth of the sport has been the quick release safety system. It was not available before and kitesurfing was considered more dangerous because there was no way to reduce the power of your kite. The sport is now safer and easier to access thanks to the new depower system.

Let’s recap… To recap… What hooks to? Find out more in the next paragraph.

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