How Pre-Owned Forklifts Affect Business

How Pre-Owned Forklifts Affect Business?


Material handling businesses perform some of the most fundamental operations in the economy of a country. As such, they require machinery that is crucial to the performance of such operations i.e. forklifts. Forklifts have been at the core of the material handling industry since its inception due to the very nature of their functionality. They are the ideal machine for transporting material from one place to another and are the beating heart and soul of the material handling industry. Managers, therefore, need to decide how to source forklifts for their businesses and whether to buy them brand new or pre-owned.

Due to the expensive nature of the equipment and a large amount of capital required to invest in them, a majority of managers tend to opt for pre-owned forklifts. This is because they cost less to purchase and are often easier to operate for seasoned operators. Therefore, used forklift trucks are on the rise in the United States and their market is ever-expanding.

However, it is necessary to understand how using pre-owned forklifts affects businesses as opposed to brand new forklifts. After all, reducing costs is only one side of the coin and material handling businesses, just like every other business, need to optimize efficiency and provide the best value to customers. In order to do that, they must understand what the limitations and the benefits of used forklifts are and how they can be used to work towards providing better business services for customers and clients. Let us take a look at how pre-owned forklift affects businesses in terms of their services provided, the safety of the crew and personnel, costs associated and long term benefits and detriments.

Service Delivery

When it comes to service delivery provided by the used forklift, you really have to look at what industry the material handling business operates in. There are some industries that do not require regular, or even periodic, updates in material handling equipment whereas others require constant changes. Take the example of the construction industry where rough terrain forklifts are most popular.

Due to the nature of the material being transported as well as the terrain over which it must be transported and the time sensitivity of the operations, it is imperative that material handling firms keep their forklifts up to date despite the costs incurred. This is because service delivery is of the utmost importance in the industry and using pre-owned forklifts for a sustained period of time can diminish the level of efficiency as well as the level of service delivery.

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On the other hand, warehouse operations require basic functions of forklifts that need to be done well. This can be achieved with pre-owned forklifts, even if they do not have the most updated features. As such, managers need to assess the requirements of the industry in which they operate and choose to purchase used forklifts accordingly.

Costs Associated

The costs associated with used forklift trucks for sale are considerably lower if purchased through reliable retailers such as Truck Forklifts. Due to the lower fixed costs of purchasing equipment, finances can be directed to other core operations of the business. However, cost efficiency must not take precedence over quality. Since used forklifts cost less, they do not offer the same quality as a brand new forklift. This should be kept under consideration if managers are to cultivate a sustainable business model in the material handling industry.

Of course, used forklifts do free up funds but they also restrict funds in intrinsic ways. If a used forklift requires constant repair and maintenance then the intrinsic costs associated with the forklift are high. So even if you pay less up front, you will be spending more money in the long term.

Safety of Crew and Personnel

Purchasing older model forklifts which are second hand should be done with caution. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have set stringent requirements for safety for the material handling industry in particular due to recurring accidents. Using a pre-owned forklift may put the life of the forklift operator and the rest of the crew at risk since older forklifts mean outdated safety features.

The safety of the crew and personnel are often under the microscope by industry experts as well as the OSHA itself if the ratio of pre-owned forklifts to new forklifts grows distressingly unbalanced. It is worth considering for managers that used forklifts can pose potential safety risks if purchased from untrustworthy sellers or for too cheap a price.

These were just some of the ways pre-owned forklifts affect businesses and factors that managers should keep in mind when deciding on their next addition to the fleet. Consider the industry, the internal dynamics of the business and the capability of the operators before deciding to buy pre-owned forklifts.

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