Golf Course Mowers That You Must Buy for Adequate Maintenance

Golf Course Mowers

What do you see at first sight on a golf course? Of course, the lush green evenly trimmed grass that spread all over the land. There are some sand bunkers in the middle but this combination is really eye-catching. If you want to maintain a large golf course, huge investment in equipment & experts is required. The manual lawn mower that you use at home is not going to work anymore. It is important to gain adequate knowledge regarding all mowers available in the market. For professional use, powerful machinery are introduced by some companies that you will come to understand in the article below.

Golf Course Mowers Classification

For the maintenance of a large golf course, you need powerful and reliable machines that work automatically and fast. On the basis of grass cutting technique, the golf course mowers are classified into 2 different categories i.e.

  1. Reel Mowers
  2. Rotary Mower

Reel Mower

It is a cylindrical shaped attachment equipped with a helical structure of multiple blades. Reels are being used in lawn mowing as traditional methods of grass trimming. Most of the manually operated domestic lawnmowers have reels that cut the grass horizontally. When the roller moves, grass automatically trim down to precisely as per the requirement of a particular location. The modern golf mowers have 3 to 5 reels that can work quickly to cover a large area in less time.

Rotary Mower 

As the name illustrates, the rotary lawnmower has vertical blades that train the grass from its tips. It is the modern version that recently introduced in the market but gaining massive popularity because of its speed. Plates are equipped with its attachments that rotate like a chopper. Just like the reel mower, advanced rotary mowers also works with multiple attachments at a time. The powerful engine is capable of chopping grass at a rapid speed.

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Why you need Rotary Mowers?

  • Fast work 

When it comes to the fastest grass mowing job execution, nothing can beat a rotary mower. It rotates vertically above the ground for trimming the entire golf course much faster than reel mower.

  • Useful in all terrains 

The blades of this machine rotate vertically that helps in protecting from potential damages. Thus it is suitable equipment to work in all-terrain conditions safely.

Why you need a Reel mower?

A reel mower cuts the grass horizontally while revolving forward. It is an integral part of golf course maintenance because of the following reasons:-

  • Attain precision in mowing job

In some areas of a golf course, you need to attain cutting-edge perfection in cutting. The blades of a reel mower precisely calibrated to cut the grass from the lowest possible length. the helical structure of blades is capable of trimming the grass without rooting it out of the ground.

  • Safe to use 

As you know that the blades of a real mower move forward direction in a horizontal momentum. Thus, it ensures the safety of users more than a rotary mower. Whether you are using a manual or engine operated equipment, the reels are least likely to cause any harm.


Reel mower

It works with great precision but very slow as compared to the rotary mower. For covering the large area in less time, you need a rotary mower.

Rotary Mower 

Although rotary mower works faster, it is not capable of providing your high-level perfection. You can also use it for trimming grass with higher length. It’s ok to use the rotary mower for covering the large area but a round of reel mower is necessary after that.

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Nowadays, used golf mowers are also available in the market and many companies are relaunching them with a limited period warranty. From the above information, it is clear that both rotary are necessary if you want to maintain the standard of a golf course.