Protocols of Dance Classes A Dancer Must Follow [Dos and Don’ts]

Protocols of Dance Classes A Dancer Must Follow [Dos and Don’ts]


Let’s agree to this: Grooving to the sound of music takes all of our worries away. There are studies suggesting that dance helps improve cardiovascular health. According to  the Department of Health and Human Services, the physical benefits of dance are similar to that of other cardio activities.

To enjoy dance and reap its health benefits, it is necessary to do it in the right way. So, what’s the right way?

Suppose you join dance classes in Orange County for Salsa. An experienced instructor will tell you how to bring your feet together. 

Similarly, it doesn’t matter what kind of dance form you do, it is necessary to follow the right steps.

Let’s some of the most of the important of dos and don’t of dancing: 

Do’s of Dance Classes

The Do’s 

  • Be On Time

The first and most important thing you must do while joining a dance class is to be early. With early arrival, you will get time to review the previous lessons and time for warm-up. 

  • Dress accordingly

When you join dance classes such as bachata and salsa, you should come to the class as per the decided dress code. A proper dress code sets a standard for how you look in class. Also, you can dance to your full potential. 

  • Keep your eyes and ears open.

While learning to dance, you should make eye contact with your instructor to show that you are attentive. When the instructor corrects others, you should also embrace those corrections as yours. You must have learning ability. Until you don’t have questions, the only voice that should be echoed in class is the teacher. So, it would help if you kept your eyes and ears open.

  • Maintain the distance

As a dancer, you must know the art of balance and find a space where you can be seen. While dancing, ensure you are close and close to other dancers. When you are learning a dance like salsa and bachata, you need to make proper distance so that you do not clash with other dancers during the lifts. 

  • Give a response to the teacher.

While learning dance lessons in Orange County, you should respond appropriately to teachers’ questions, such as “Do you have questions?” The answer should be yes or no. Remember, teachers hate the feeling of talking to no one. 

  • Ask Questions

It would help if you asked more and more questions while learning to dance. By asking questions, you show your attentiveness to the teacher and make the teacher feel that you want to learn new skills. 

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The Don’ts

  • Stop Over Accessorising 

Sometimes, when you join a dance class, you wear extra jewelry or accessories to look fantastic and stylish, which can distract you while dancing. These things can fall on the floor, or half of your time goes into handling accessories. So, do not wear any jewelry during dance lessons. 

  • Don’t Check your Phone

Remember, you should stop checking your phone, even if it is for only five minutes. As for checking the notifications, social media or text messages can be a great distraction. So, it would help if you kept your phone in silent mode. 

  • Don’t Talk

It would help if you refrained from talking in class while learning some new dance form. It can distract the whole class momentum and create a nuisance, and you will come in the teacher’s bad book. 

  • Refrain from correcting others.

While taking dance classes, you should remember that you are not responsible for correcting others. It is the teachers’ work to correct other people. 

  • Don’t cross your Arms.

It would help if you did not stand, cross your arms and lean on the barre, intentionally or unintentionally. This body language seems rude towards the teacher and class.

  • Don’t Bring Negative energy.

You should leave all the tension and negative energy outside the studio when you come to dance class. Everyone has bad days. But remember, awful energy spoils your mood and makes the whole class environment stressful. 


Now that you know the dos and Don’ts of dance classes in Orange County, follow the protocols and learn to dance more perfectly. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go, learn and Tick one more task accomplished on your bucket list. 

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