Should You Buy a House in Annandale? Some Reasons to Convince You

Annandale is one of the more famous affluent suburbs in New South Wales. The suburb is home to many personalities, business executives, and influential people in the society. Because of the suburb being a stone’s throw away from Sydney business district, it is not surprising that it is one of the top choices of financially-capable individuals.

There are many reasons why Annandale is an ideal place to live in. Let this article be your guide on why Annandale is a good choice if you are looking for a new home to buy. Below are some of the several reasons that make this suburb an exemplary choice for home buyers.

Crime rate is low – Annandale has relatively low crime rate compared to its suburb counterparts in NSW and other parts of the country. While minor offences like robbery, breaking and entering, and alcohol-related offences are committed in the suburb, they do not happen frequently. This is why many people are attracted to live in Annandale as the suburb is relatively safe and peaceful.

It is close Sydney business district – Many professionals live in Annandale because of its proximity to the nation’s capital business district. According to census, about 22 percent of the suburb’s population is made up of professionals. The registered distance of Annandale from Sydney business district is 4 kilometres, or few-minute drive.

It is not crowded – Some suburbs in NSW are densely populated or crowded. This is not the case with Annandale. According to 2011 census, the suburb is home to some 8,700 people. With the suburb’s area, it is safe to say that Annandale is unlike other crowded suburbs in the country. If you are after privacy and space, Annandale is a perfect place to live in.

Transportation is not a problem – There is a major bus corridor in the middle of Annandale, in Booth Street specifically. The said bus corridor is served by the 460 and the 370. Additionally, large number of bus routes include 436, 438, L38, 439, L39, 440, 461, 480, 483 and m10. These bus routes operate along Parramatta Road located at the southern border of Annandale. With these routes and bus corridor, commuting to and from the suburb posts no problem to its residents.

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Annandale has a rich culture – The suburb is home to different artists, musicians, writers, journalists, and other influential people in the society. When it comes to music, Annandale has a very diversified and rich scene, being home to The Annandale Hotel where popular rock and indie bands play. It is also home to the Trafalgar Studios, which has gained prominence due to the music movements in the 1970s and 1980s.

There are good schools in Annandale – The suburb is home to Annandale North Public School, which is located at 198 Johnston Street. Another school located inside the suburb is the Annandale Public School at 25-31 Johnston Street. St. Brendan’s Catholic School is another school in the suburb, located at 34 Collins Street.

There are many houses that are for rent and sale – About 43 percent of all the houses in Annandale are rented, and about 24 percent are purchased. Hence, it is reasonable to say that there are many houses for sale in the area or are available for rent. Home median price in Annandale is ranked 183 among 1757 NSW suburbs, while home median rent is ranked 146 among 1575 NSW suburbs.

In case that you want to buy a house in Annandale, make sure that you contact Sydney home builders to help you in improving or renovating your future family house. There are many talented and creative home builders in and around the area so finding a company that offers the best services at the best prices should not be a hassle. Entrusting your home improvements needs in the hands of experienced Sydney home builders should be one of your priorities before you move in.

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