St. Lucia Day - History, Date, And How It Is Celebrated

St. Lucia Day – History, Date, And How It Is Celebrated


One of the most celebrated festivals each year is Lucia Day, which is also known as Saint Lucy’s Day or the Feast of Saint Lucy, but despite it being extremely famous and known across the globe, not many people know what this festival is about, why it is celebrated and how it is celebrated. 

But the good thing is that you came to the right place to know what this day is about.

Below, in this blog, we have listed down every single thing that you need to know about St. Lucia Day. From its history, date, how it is celebrated and what happens on this day. We have listed down every single thing that you need to know about this article. 

What Is St. Lucia Day? 

Saint Lucy’s Day, which is also known as the St. Lucia Day and the Feast of Saint Lucy, is a Christian feast day. It is observed every single year on December Holiday 13. The festival commemorates Lucia of Syracuse, an early 4th century virgin martyr under the Diocletianic Persecution. According to legend, she brought a lot of food and aid to Christians that were hiding in the Roman Catacombs. She wore a candle lit wreath on her head to light her way and leave her hands free so she could bring as much food as she could in order to feed the Christians. Also, the St. Lucia day is viewed as a precursor of Christmastide, which points to the arrival of the Light of Christ in the Calendar on Christmas Day. 

Who Celebrates The St. Lucia Day 

St. Lucia Day is celebrated on December 13 of each year around the world, however, it is not that celebrated across the globe. Mostly, this day is celebrated popularly and widely in Sweden. It is a national holiday in the country and the holiday is actually not from there. It originated as a pagan holiday in order to celebrate the winter solstice, but it ended up being heavily celebrated in Sweden. People in the country hold the St. Lucia procession by throwing a party or by simply celebrating it properly with their loved ones. 

St. Lucia Day In Sweden 

In Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and other parts of Finland, particularly the areas that speak Swedish, songs are sung, girls are dressed as Saint Lucy, and the little ones bring cookies and saffron buns in procession, which symbolizes bringing the Light of Christ into the world’s darkness. 

On the other hand, in Catholic and Protestant Churches, boys participate in this procession as well. While celebrating this day, they play different roles that are associated with Christmastide, which includes Saint Stephen or Santa Clause, or Nissess. 

Fun Fact: The celebration of Saint Lucy’s Day is believed to help people live the winter days with enough light. 

Saint Lucia Day Food 

Families that observe Saint Lucia Day in countries such as Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden celebrate it by staying in their house. On this day one of their daughters dresses up in white and serves coffee and baked goods. Such baked goods include saffron bread, which is known as the Lussekatter, and Ginger Biscuits, to the other members of their family. The foods are also given out to the people that are visiting the house on thai day. 

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In some cases, when people do not have daughters, someone from their relatives comes in order to help them out. In some cases they do not celebrate it and for some their neighbor’s daughter comes and gives them food so they can celebrate this day with proper love. 

Saint Lucia Day Music

People who celebrate this day are also required to sing a lot of songs, particularly the St. Lucia Day song, and if you are planning to celebrate it this year with the people that you love the most, you want to print out the lyrics of this song and music. Remember, you want to sing this song in Swedish in order to properly enjoy it, which is why if you have no idea on how to sing this song, try to do some research and how to pronounce the words. 

What Is Served During Saint Lucia Day? 

Families observe St. Lucia’s day inside their houses on a yearly basis on December 13. One of their daughters, most of the time and preferably their eldest one, is made to wear a white dress. After wearing the dress, they are told to serve coffee and baked goods, which includes saffron bread, also known as Lussekatter, and ginger biscuits. Other family members of the family that are visiting one’s home are also given the food throughout the day so they can enjoy this day with every single person. 

When Is St. Lucia Day Celebrated?

St. Lucia Day - History, Date, And How It Is Celebrated


St. Lucia Day is celebrated every single year on December 13. 

Please do note that the date does not change and it remains the same on a yearly basis. 

Important Note: We would like to clear it out that the main goal of this article is to educate people across the globe so they could know what this day is about, how it is celebrated and when it is celebrated. In case any of the information that we listed above is wrong or needs to be updated, please do let us know so we can make some changes right away and make sure that you are getting the right information! 

Do you think we missed out anything about St. Lucia Day in the article that we made above? Let us know what we missed out by leaving a comment in the comments section below so we can add itt as fast as we can!

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