Surrogate Mothers


Surrogacy is a medical treatment in which a woman is willing to bear a child for another person or couple. That woman is called a surrogate mother.

The cost and price of surrogacy vary in different countries. The surrogacy centers provide their customers with a convenient and flexible payment system. Among these, leihmutterschaft Ukraine is available

 at low costs as Ukraine was one of the surrogacy initiatives.

Surrogacy in Ukraine:

Surrogacy in Ukraine arose in 1983. Then the appearance of the first child born with the help of a surrogacy program was reported for the first time In Ukraine. The rapid development of surrogacy in Ukraine led to the opening of public and private reproductive clinics.

A US surrogate mother costs approximately $ fifty thousand. And that’s excluding running costs, individual bills for medical, legal, and other related procedures. If a cesarean section is required during delivery, the total cost of surrogacy can exceed $ 100,000. In Ukraine, the cost of the entire program is about twice as low.

The salient features of surrogacy in Ukraine:

  • At least one healthy baby that was born naturally
  • Harmful drug, alcohol, nicotine tests, and tests for sexually transmitted diseases and more, are all included.
  • No somatic and mental pathologies.
  • Psychological suitability for the role of a surrogate mother

The price for surrogacy:

The price of surrogacy includes a surrogate mother’s price and the cost of maintenance during pregnancy (food, clothing, transportation, and other charges). Multiple pregnancies or the need for a cesarean section add a few thousand dollars to the price. Despite all this, the cost of a surrogate mother in Ukraine remains frugal even for Ukrainians, not to mention foreigners.

Surrogacy in the Czech Republic:

The Czech legislation in the field of reproductive technologies is loyal to both its citizens and foreigners. Egg donation, surrogate mother’s services, IVF, and single women and lesbian couples are allowed here.

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In this country, people understand and respect people’s desire to postpone their children’s birth to a later age, when the career and financial side has already been managed. So if the woman is younger than 47 years, an unlimited number of embryo transfers will be carried out for her without any problem.

Price of surrogacy in the Czech Republic:

The price of surrogacy in the Czech Republic is € 60,000. Despite the low price for leihmutterschaft tschechien, the main disadvantage is that you have to pay for unsuccessful attempts and a new round of medical care.

The services that Ukraine offers for surrogacy:

The surrogacy that the Czech Republic offers in the surrogacy centers are as follows:

  • Surrogacy in the Czech Republic covers for all the risks up to the birth of a child
  • Birth of a genetically healthy child
  • Birth of a child in the Czech Republic
  • The program is acceptable to couples who are not married
  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis to allow the birth of a healthy child;
  • A fee for the surrogate mother and egg donor if included;
  • The unlimited number of IVF cycles;
  • The coverage of all medical risks (termination of pregnancy, embryo-pathology, etc.
  • Complete legal support, including the issuing of the Czech birth certificate, is provided

Surrogacy for individuals in the Czech Republic:

The Czech surrogacy includes an unlimited number of IVF attempts, including PGD and childbirth. This package consists of the participation of a surrogate mother and an egg donor. So, it enables the surrogate mother to be delivered to the Czech Republic.

The process of surrogacy is available in many countries other than in Muslim countries. Ukraine is considered as one of the initiatives of this technique. Surrogacy is available in Ukraine at less price. Other than Ukraine, surrogacy is also available in the Czech Republic at a low cost.


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