The Manly Life: How To Spend A Memorable Vacation In Manly

Manly is one of the several coastal regions in Australia that welcomes an enormous influx of tourists each year. Manly offers everything for a dreamy beach holiday and more. Manly is quite close to Sydney, and usually, travellers combine both places in a single trip. Manly has seen an 8% increase in foreign and domestic tourists, a testament to its growing popularity. Tourists have a plethora of options to explore when it comes to Manly. Ranging from Manly restaurants to its beaches, every venue promises an engaging experience. Travelling to Manly from Sydney is also an option for tourists who have their hotels in Sydney.


Like most beaches in Australia, Manly is also known for its exciting and adrenaline-pumping water sports. From motorboats to ferry rides, Manly’s beaches have an activity for all age groups. People can try their hand at surfing the gushing waves, and even beginners can enrol themselves in surfing schools. Snorkelling is also another popular tourist activity in Manly. The beach’s crystal blue waters are home to some of the most exotic underwater species, allowing for an informational yet enthralling experience. 


People preferring a more relaxed vacation can also hit the beaches, enjoying the range of experiences it offers. Manly’s sandy beaches and the covered Shelly beach are the main attraction to family travellers. The velvety sand and exquisite ocean view are a unique sight to the eyes. Visiting Manly in mellow weather especially promises a relaxing vacation, as it can get hot during the afternoon. Manly is also known for its ocean walks, a pleasant pastime for those who love everything about the ocean.

Manly is only a ferry ride away from Sydney Harbour, and the ride is a must-try activity. The ferry takes people across the vast, beautiful ocean, offering people a vista view of the Manly coves. People can also catch a glimpse of the man-made swimming pool by the ocean known as the Fairy Bower Sea Pool.

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Lining Manly’s beaches are a string of pubs, bars and restaurants. The culinary experience in Manly is like no other, as the laid-back attitude of people encourages the holidaying vibes. People can find a range of global cuisines in Manly. Although, for the true Manly experience, travellers should opt for Australian cuisine. Australian cuisine can be quite refreshing for people from all walks of life, and their famous meat pies and barramundi are must-try dishes in Australia.

Another stunning feature of Manly restaurants is, of course, the ocean view. Restaurant owners have taken complete advantage of the beauty the ocean offers, catering their architecture and interiors to the view. People can enjoy an exquisite meal with a picturesque view.


One of the most prominent features of Australian tourism is its bush walks and outbacks. Manly has a stunning but steep bush walk that ends with a majestic view of the Manly coastline. While the trail might seem tiresome, it is worth it when people see the breathtaking view at the end. The North Head Bush Trails are one of the most popular walks in manly, ending with a sparkling ocean view, the harbour, and the city skyline.


One of the best parts of being a tourist is the first-hand experience of a region’s culture. Manly’s culture overflows in its shopping avenues, which boast handcrafted trinkets and other curios indigenous to Manly.

The Manly experience is garnering more interest from travellers, with almost 2.3 million tourists every year. From Manly Restaurants to Manly Beaches, there is an experience waiting for everyone.

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