Tips to Prevent Your AC from Malfunctioning

Tips to Prevent Your A/C from Malfunctioning


The summer season is the time when you use your air conditioning system most often. In that case, you’ll want to ensure it continues to provide the consistent results that you expect.

Ozark Mechanical is here to offer some helpful advice for avoiding AC system failure this summer if you’re hesitating. You’ll be surprised once you realize that the job is simple to do.

Get a Yearly Tune-Up

Having your air conditioner inspected and serviced enables you to detect and address any potential problems early on. In addition, you’re helping reduce the risk of air conditioning repair in Ladue, MO in the months ahead.

To guarantee that your system is ready for summer, schedule your A/C tune-up with the professionals as soon as possible.

Replace Your Air Conditioning System’s Filters

You should be aware of how important air filters are for your cooling system.  Air filters can influence the operation of your A/C unit as they maintain a cool indoor space during the summer months.

When dirt and dust accumulate on your filter, the conditioned air won’t circulate evenly throughout the house. This may also cause your cooling system to work harder, resulting in a variety of issues. Check and replace your air filter once a month to prevent inconveniences such as these.

Free Your Outdoor Unit From Obstructions

To function properly, the condenser unit needs space to breathe. Therefore, you have to ensure that the grass and bushes surrounding it are mowed and trimmed. Doing this task also makes it easier for the A/C technician to do your yearly tune-up to reach your outdoor unit.

Don’t Leave Your A/C Issues Unattended

Did you know that you can avoid paying for costly repairs or an early replacement of your air conditioning unit? All you need to do is call a reliable expert for the job.  Don’t risk calling for an untimely repair for your cooling equipment because you hire a non-certified technician.

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Get a Programmable Thermostat

With today’s air conditioning technology, a programmable thermostat is a must-have device in your home. Programmable thermostats enable you to set settings for different times of the day and have it automatically decrease the temperature when you need it the most. This device saves you money and allows you to manage your cooling bills without having to adjust the dial continuously.

Unclog the Condensate Drain Tube

You’ll have to deal with a blocked condensate drain tube if you notice water puddles nearby when your air conditioning unit is operating. Bacteria in condensate from air conditioning coils may block the condensate pan drain tube and cause grimes. These two simple procedures unclog your drain tubes and help avoid sludge.

Inspect Your Home for Air Leaks

Close all windows, switch off all fans and exhaust fans, and turn off the furnace. Light a candle and take a stroll around the house’s perimeter. There’s most likely an air leak wherever you see smoke flying away from or being drawn toward anything. Seal it up now that you’ve discovered it.

Contact the A/C Specialists Today for Quality  Air Conditioning Repair in Ladue, MO.

Don’t settle for less if it’s about your comfort. With an expert’s services, you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with issues and other problems when the summer is in full swing. Call Ozark Mechanical at (636) 284-1169 to handle your air conditioning repair in Ladue, MO.

The company works with HVAC professionals who know the ins and outs of all makes and models of air conditioning systems. Reach out to them for your cooling needs today! 

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