Water Heater Problems and Boiler Solutions


Water Heating Systems

Has an unexpectedly icy shower caused you to scream first thing in the morning? Has a dirty drink of water ruined an otherwise delicious breakfast? If you answered yes, then you already know why you must maintain your home’s water systems.

You can depend on Southstar Plumbers London’s team to explain the function and operation of your water filtration and water heating systems, and to do whatever it takes to ensure that they remain in perfect working order. As experienced professionals with a comprehensive knowledge of residential plumbing, we can expertly inspect, repair, replace, install, and maintain your domestic water systems.

Water Filtration/ Drinking Water System

Water supply lines deliver water from the main to your household, where it is distributed to your fixtures and appliances. This water is already cold enough for most household applications, including washing, bathing, flushing (toilet water), and of course, drinking.

To ensure that this water is sufficiently safe to drink, you can equip your water supply system with appliances like London Plumber water filters and water softeners. These appliances serve to prevent contaminants and various other foreign material from finding their way to your taps. Installing additional filters beneath your sinks will allow for even better protection.

We at Southstar Plumbers London can install these filters and softeners in an efficient, cost-effective manner, without jeopardizing your plumbing system. Contact us for our assistance.

Water Heater Problems and Boiler Solutions

Your water heater or hydrogen boiler also receives water from your water supply lines.  Electrical or oil & gas heating units hold 40 to 60 gallons of water in inner steel water tanks and heat that water to your temperature of choice. One or several of your heater’s pipes will then bring the heated water to several of the fixtures and appliances in your home. Your heater also has a drain valve near its base, which you should use regularly to remove sediments from the tank.

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Even if you adhere to the safety guidelines for heater use (such as using the thermostat to keep the temperature within 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (49-60 degrees Celsius)), your heater may still fall victim to certain problems, such as minor leaks, excessive noise, and an accumulation of mineral deposits in its water tank.

No matter what problem your heater or boiler has, though, we can present you with prompt and effective solutions that will make sure your house won’t run out of hot water anytime soon. Aside from fixing your problems through boiler repair, we can also give you advice on using and maintaining your heater or boiler to prevent trouble in the future.

We at Southstar Plumbers London are fully capable of handling all your water system needs. Whether you need information or help with water heating, water filtration, water line plumbing, water pipe plumbing, or water tank plumbing and drainage, you know who to call.

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