Analyze The Real estate investment

Analyze The Real estate investment

If we talk about real estate property investment, then Pakistan is a place where the realty sector grows greatly. Almost sixty percent of residential property in realty sector increased only due to the high return on investment in some previous years.

However, we are witnessing the worst-case scenario of COVID-19 where businesses collapse and it also affects the property prices. But investment in the realty sector is simple to comprehend as it depends on your budget and the market demand. Inflation also disturbs the prices and ultimately it will give benefits to the landlords. But why are you worried? Zembuilders provides such details to invest in the big cities of Pakistan and if you are thinking about inflation and other crisis then we are going to discuss certain conditions to understand that buying a property these days is not a big issue. 

Analyzing Realty Sector

In Pakistan, you will find people of every instinct. Here you will find well educated and literate real estate agents who are honest with their work. At the same time, you will also meet with some agents who scam and will not provide you accurate information. But we can say that it entirely depends on the company and the person you are dealing with.

That’s why it is important to research properly about your investment horizon, your agent, and market trends. Every consequence should be in your mind already and make a proper contract with your agent to avoid any contradictions. Now you will notice that everyone wants to own a property in an area where he will get every facility, greenery, good environment, a perfect residential area but at the same time property rates skyrocketed. At that time, look for some new projects where you will find good deals and favorable prices. 

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Property Market Growth

We also witnessed corrupt govt, political and economical instability but after Imran Khan government, we will hope for a bright future as He is motivated to eradicate corruption from all sectors. Real estate is a tax shelter and assets/money covering with a GDP of around 70 to 90 percent. The government will not get a huge proportion of benefits due to the standard of the real estate industry incorporate with official property price and no administrative insights.

Numerous reforms have been implemented to handle the real estate market. Many steps have been taken to improve tax revenue and increase government and transparency tax revenue. The real estate market is working effectively to grow the industry and serve others.

Where You Need To Invest?

DHA- Lahore

Defense or DHA is known as a king of the real estate sector. DHA is all around the vast land near Walton Road. More than eighty percent of the DHA land has already been built, while the rest is in full swing. This area provides every facility to live a luxurious life. Moreover, the property rates increase on a yearly basis of about 15-20%. According to the property experts, the DHA Lahore’s prices are going to increase by 25-35% in some years. 

Sector E-7- Islamabad

Sector E-7 near the Margalla Hills, a picturesque location covering a vast area. It is a perfect place for property investment because of its location. This area is near the Markets, Margalla Greens Golf Club, the Islamabad Zoo, etc. The prices of the property in this sector increase by 20-30% every year. 

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DHA Phase-8- Karachi

This Defense phase is near the sea and covers a vast land of 4000 acres. 80% of the land of DHA is yet to be developed. It has a fabulous location with having a commercial area nearby and all the entertainment places. The prices of the property raise almost 10-20% each year.

So now you have analyzed every fact to invest in the real estate sector in Pakistan. Hope you enjoyed this blog.