Instagram Tips & Tricks To Build An Audience

Instagram Tips & Tricks To Build An Audience


Even with the popularity of Instagram as a social media platform, it is not easy to grow your audience organically. You could be doing everything right, but maybe your numbers are not what you desire. In some cases, you may have realized a sudden drop, which is somewhat frustrating. 

Some users have been tempted to adopt apps that accelerate automatic engagement. However, while the deal seemed so good, the end results were far from desirable. For example, the use of bots to generate likes has seen many accounts blocked by Instagram.

Below are some of the organic tips and tricks that will see you create a broad audience while maintaining the safety of your account:

Use Hashtags to Gain Traction

Hashtags are the primary tools that have been proven to increase your audience. An Instagram user can easily increase the visibility of their content and images to the target audience using tailored hashtags. Essentially, Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags for a single post. You do not have to use all the options, but up to 10 hashtags will give you an excellent outcome.

There are many popular hashtags that you can find on the internet,but before you apply a hashtag, ensure that it is popular enough to earn you massive traffic. However, be careful not just to copy and paste hashtags because some may not relate to your audience.

Opt for Niche Hashtags

Remember that it is not enough to use popular hashtags. Whenever you pin an overused hashtag to your post, it means you are introducing it to high-level competition associated with that hashtag. In fact, your content may end up with fewer views than you anticipated.

Thus, go for niche hashtags that are averagely rated and with which your content is more likely to be discovered. Again, it would help if you exercise caution by avoiding obscure information that will not attract an audience.

Branded Hashtags

This is a strategy where you use tags that only relate to your brand. If you have your own business, branded and trending hashtags help you to reach a new audience, both on Instagram and other social media platforms. 

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Apart from gaining new followers, your account will have more interactions among your followers. It is simple to generate a branded hashtag because it can be tied to marketing campaigns, services, or the specific products that you are offering. It can even be a simple tagline or name of your company.

Use Hashtag Generators

A hashtag generator is another essential tool that helps you obtain the best hashtags that appeal to your audience. With such tools, you can use keywords to find trending hashtags. It is designed to help the user find niche-specific audiences that are genuine. It also allows you to choose the latest tags that will boost the growth of your account. 

Cross-Promote Your Instagram Posts

It is not enough to create a hashtag for your content, because there is no guarantee that people will see it. Thus, it would help if you put in extra effort by going offline to enhance it further. Cross promotion entails the use of relevant events, store signage, print ads, and even receipts. You can also use social profiles, email blasts, and websites. 

For users who can access radio and TV, this is a perfect chance to communicate your Instagram post and account on these platforms. A combination of offline and online strategies will surely boost your number of followers.

Run Giveaways

Frequent giveaways are a motivation to attract new followers. The existing ones will have something to anticipate. For every recipient, remind them to tag you in the posts that reflect how they got their prizes. All winners will help you garner more followers by exposing your brand.


Gaining followers on social media platforms has never been easy. However, regardless of your account type, Instagram is surprisingly an easy platform to build your audience organically. Proper hashtags and hashtag generator tools are the secret to winning followers, but they are not enough. As an account owner, you ought to learn how to motivate and talk to people. Such gestures give a good impression of you, and loyal followers will recommend more prospective users to you.


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