Flawless Packaging – The Road to Success!

Flawless Packaging – The Road to Success!

Cosmetic brands all over the world are trying to increase the quality of their packaging just because the requirement of high quality in everything is a major demand. The consumers demand for all the aspects of a product to be on point. It starts from the quality of the actual product to eventually the product packaging. For every makeup brand in the market, the biggest requirement is the aesthetically pleasing products. Here we can take an example of Glossier who’s tagline says it all, “Beauty products inspired by real life.” This brand has introduced natural products for skin care and makeup, and has impressed millions. The packaging of their products is to die for, their products look so minimalistic and pretty. This makes it quite clear how mere packaging can influence the buying behavior of people. This blog will help you reach a conclusion of as to why you need the perfect packaging boxes:

When any cosmetic brand has a customer focused notion, they manufacture all those products which are solely to satisfy their customers. The success of any cosmetic brand starts when they build a direct relationship with their customers. And the perfect way to carry this out is to get fully personalized packaging. Not only it will help you connect with your customers in a more personal way but it will also attract more people towards your product. When one customer is satisfied, word of mouth marketing is what will help your brand grows by leaps and bounds.

Let’s talk about the kind of cosmetic boxes that are popular these days:

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1. Serum Boxes

For this cosmetic product, we can take the popular example of FARSÁLI’s “Rose Gold Elixir” and “Unicorn Essence”. This product or any other serum in the market is basically used as a part of skin care prep before makeup or generally, in a skin care routine. Since the basic purpose of this product is to maintain the hygiene and health of the skin, its packaging should be accordingly.

The common form of box style used for serum boxes is a double tuck in box. The tuck in flaps can be both, straight or reverse, depending on the preferences.

2. Foundation Boxes

Got blemishes to cover? There’s nothing that a high coverage foundation can’t cover. Here the perfect example would be of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna “Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation”. The entire promotional campaign of every other brand is always focused on the perfection in the product quality, as well as its packaging.

Even for foundations, the box style is mostly tuck in boxes. The preferences of double tuck in or a sealed end is based on the requirement of the box style.

3. Eyeshadow Boxes

The perfection of Jeffree Star Cosmetics “Jawbreaker Eyeshadow Palette” is the example of how every palette should be. This palette has broken records just because of the packaging quality and the quality of the shadows.

Primarily, the important thing in every palette’s packaging is the sturdiness of the material so that the eyeshadows don’t break inside the palette and that the shipment is also carried safely.

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The box style for the eyeshadow palettes is either a side tuck inbox or a sleeve box. Sleeve boxes are the one in which the product comes out as a tray slides out.

4. Eyeliner Boxes

The wings must be sharp and high, for that purpose Kat Von D “Tattoo Liner” was among the top favorite of every beauty influencer, makeup artist. It wasn’t just because of the pigment but the elegance of the product packaging as well.

For eyeliner boxes, tuck in boxes are preferred to increase the accessibility of the product.

5. Eyelashes Boxes

No eye makeup look is complete without a pair of Lilly lashes in style “Miami”. Every influencer from Tati Westbrooke to James Charles, every single infleuncer fell in love with these lashes. Other than the product style, the luxury packaging of these lashes played a great role in its fame.

The box style can be anywhere from a simple tuck in box to a luxury rigid box or a sleeve box. The shape of the box can be anything; diamond, triangle or a traditional square box.

6. Mascara Boxes

Jeffree Star became the face of Benefit Cosmetics “Roller Lash Curling Mascara” just because of his obsession with this perfect product. From the quality of the mascara to its packaging style, everything was unique and it was the prime reason why this product instantly became everyone’s favorite.

The preferable box style is mostly a double tuck in box made out of cardboard or paper card.

7. Lip Liner and Lipstick Boxes

The trend of fuller lips has existed from the time of Marilyn Monroe to now, the Kardashians and Jenners. A popular example is of Kylie Cosmetics “Lip Kit” which made a mark in the market specifically because of the packaging.

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The box style of any kind of lip product is mostly the tuck in style.

8. Lip Gloss Boxes

The amount of hard work that goes into the packaging is indescribable. People want their products to be perfect for everything; skin, vanity, everything! A popular example of high quality glosses would be of Jeffree Star Cosmetics “The Gloss”. The product packaging is out of the world and is based on the values of what customers wanted.

The requirement of box style for Custom Lip Gloss Boxes is mostly tuck in boxes.

9. Setting Spray

Jeffree Star’s love for Tatcha “Dewy Skin Mist” says a lot about the product! This product is not only perfect in quality but is luxurious as well!

The box style for setting sprays is also a tuck in box.

With all of the popular examples mentioned above and the preferred box styles, we can conclude that the demographics want their products to be high in quality along with the packaging. The luxurious and attractive the packaging is, the more people will be compelled to buy it. This is the beauty of flawless packaging of cosmetics!

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