Cashmere and Pashmina

Do You Find Cashmere and Pashmina Any Difference?

Pashmina Shawls have been in trends for decades in the Indian Fashion Industry and continues to make its presence felt even during this winter season. These shawls can help to elevate the look of any outfit and can be paired with multiple clothing lines, making it one of the most versatile attire which an individual can wear.

Pashmina Shawls, in particular, are made with the finest materials and designed in such a way that it elevates the overall appearance of an individual. Shawls were initially worn by Egyptian pharaohs and hence has a royal appeal to it.

When it comes to buying a royal quality shawl, many confuse between Pashmina and Cashmere. Is it any difference between the two? A shawl is a piece of cloth that is made of wool to keep the body warm during winter. The product is often soft to touch and light in weight. Before you step out to shop Pashmina shawls, it is necessary to understand how Pashmina is different Cashmere.

Cashmere is a term used by foreigners to describe a soft clothing material belongs to the Kashmir in India and Pakistan regions. On the other hand, Pashmina is a term used by locals of Kashmir and Indians. The word Pashmina is originated from Pashm that is a specific goat found in the Himalayan region. The inner hair of the goat is used to make shawls. It is soft to touch and difficult to spin. The wool is turned into Pashmina when it is carefully combed, cleaned and spun.

Cashmere wool is obtained from a range of subspecies of goats living in Kashmir, Nepal, and Tibet. These goats are also found in China and Mongolia. China sales Cashmere shawls in the name of Pashmina. According to experts, Pashmina wool is obtained from goats found at an altitude of 4000 meters.

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Understanding Differences Between Pashmina & Cashmere

The best quality Pashmina shawl is where quality is not compromised over quantity. Tibetan and Kashmir goats found during the winter period at attitudes of over 4000 meters provide the best quality wool. It is obtained from the undercoat of goats which has a layer of fur. The inner soft fiber of the goat is protected by the upper layer from the adverse environment.

Cashmere wool is obtained from the sub-species of goats. While comparing these two types of wools, the Cashmere is a bit coarser and thicker than Pashmina. Technically, the Pashmina wool has 10 to 16 microns where Cashmere has 16 to 19 microns. Pashmina is obtained during a specific period of the year from specific goats. The production of the wool is limited.

Cashmere shawls are not as costlier as Pashmina. They are an affordable version of Pashmina. If budget is not an issue, Pashmina shawls can be a wonderful gift for your dear ones. They are high-quality shawls that can be used as a treasure to gift from one generation to another.

If you are looking for a real Pashmina shawl, buy it from a reliable store. Quality of the shawl should be checked. Burning test, ring test, and rubbing are three popular tests to identify the quality of the shawl. Remember, these shawls are prepared by a handloom. According to the design, the shawl may take months or a year. A Pashmina shawl is costly. If any retailer is selling the product at eye-popping prices, quality should be checked. Many retailers offer discounts that can be ranged from 10% to up to 50%. Pashmina is not cheap wool. Buy the product from the store that gives an assurance of real Pashmina. The softness, smooth texture and warm feeling are three prime essences of Pashmina.

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