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Gain Confidence with Helpful Dental Implants

Replacement of the missing teeth is important as you will otherwise face various health and dental problems. When you have a missing tooth, probably due to aging or removal, the void will make it difficult to chew. There will be constant irritation in the body and can give rise to other issues.  Dental implants are presently the best solutions for the replacement of teeth.

  • Prevention of bone loss

Tooth decay at an early age may lead to the removal of a tooth. With the loss of the structure, you start losing the bone mass of the jaw. The jawbone cannot maintain the mass unless it gets some stimulation through the tooth. Dental implants are the only option that will successfully replace the jawbone stimulation and help prevent untimely bone loss.

  • Matching the natural teeth

You hate the idea of letting people know that you had to get rid of a bad tooth and replace it with an artificial one. But how will people know that you have an artificial tooth if it looks the same as those around it?

    •  Dental implants are available in different shapes and sizes. Your dentist will start designing the implant that matches the color and texture of the surrounding teeth.
    • The size of the implant will be such that it will fit right in position and will not cause any discomfort when you chew or talk.

And the best part is, you will not have to worry about the teeth slipping out suddenly, for its implanted and just not held in position with glue.

  • Improving appearance

With the loss of each tooth, there will be some deformation in the bone structure that will directly affect the facial structure. For enhancing the appeal of your face, dental implants are the perfect solution. When most of the teeth start to fall off with aging, the jawbone has nothing left that can support the bone growth. Your body realizes that the jawbone is not essential anymore for supporting the teeth, so it gradually starts dissolving.

    • To prevent the rapid deterioration in the basic structure of your face, like lips folding in or shrivelling of the lower face, the implants become mandatory.
    • It will also decrease wrinkles and fine lines, thus making you look younger by at least 5-10 years.
  • Strengthening bite force

How do you feel when you can see a delicious food item on the dish in front, and yet, you cannot eat because the few teeth left in the buccal cavity do not have the strength to withstand the load? It will lower your morale. Therefore, dental implants are worth investing in.

    • You can apply the same force for biting as you did with your natural teeth.
    • As other teeth replacement procedures will only place the tooth on the gum, the lack of implantation will weaken them, and you cannot apply the same force as you do with dental implants which are anchored in place.
  • Natural speech

The teeth are necessary to talk as they help to maintain the proper positioning of lips and allow the correct pronunciation of each word. But once the tooth is missing, you will start having trouble with speech. You do not have control over pronunciation as it needs teeth for maintaining the right airflow to utter the correct form. Instead of feeling embarrassed and ashamed, you can go for dental implants that will allow you to speak naturally and easily.

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Now that you know these implants can be essential and save you from embarrassment and unnecessary questions from friends or colleagues. Always consult an experienced dentist for the procedure.


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