A Complete Guide To Used And New Golf Carts

A Complete Guide To Used And New Golf Carts


You need a wide range of golf course maintenance equipment to maintain the playability and visual appeal of your golf course. A golf cart is one of the must have equipment. You can buy a brand new golf cart or a used one. There are advantages and disadvantages of both options. So, when you are in the market for purchasing a new or used golf cart, do your research, take your time and ask plenty of questions from the seller. You have to determine your needs to purchase the right golf cart. It all depends on your budget and preferences, whether you should buy a brand new cart or a used/refurbished one.    

Buying A Used Golf Cart 

Low Price 

A used golf cart or any other golf course maintenance equipment is always cheaper than the new one. You can buy a golf cart of the leading brands by paying between $5000 and $15000. So, a used machine is always better on your pocket. Refurbished carts are practically brand new.  


If it is older then it does not mean that it cannot perform well. Many carts from the 70s, 80s and 90s are still doing well. However, don’t skip investigating the maintenance history. You don’t want to buy one that was not well maintained. Check the age of the batteries. Make sure that it was stored well. Look into the previous ownership. Look out for leaks and strange noises while taking a test drive. Used golf course maintenance equipment comes without any warranties. So, ask questions and take a good look at the machine. 

Use Accessories

With a used golf cart, you are going to get quality, trusted parts and accessories. And, you are going to get them at much better prices.

Buying A New Golf Cart  


Just like every other new golf course maintenance equipment, a new golf cart also comes with a warranty. It can be a warranty from the manufacturer or the dealer. Anything can go wrong with the golf cart. So, a warranty protects you as a buyer. This can be a major downside of buying used equipment.  

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You can select accessories when you are  buying used equipment. You are going to get what the previous owner had. However, when you are buying a new golf cart, you can select features, accessories and options you like. All the parts and accessories are new and installed by professionals. 

Shop For The Best Price 

While it is true that you have to pay more for a brand new cart, you can still save money by comparing the different options available to you. You know your needs. Compare features, specifications and prices of machines by all the leading brands. If you are going to buy from a dealer, do your investigation and don’t get ripped off. Check online reviews. You have to be super informed to get the best deal. 

No Accident History

It’s a brand new golf cart with no accident history or some other issue. 

Golf Cart – Gas or Electric 

Electric Golf Cart


  • An electric golf cart demands minimal maintenance and is convenient to use. 
  • It is a super quiet golf cart. 
  • It has no carbon emissions production. 


  • It takes time to recharge the machine fully. 
  • This type of golf cart is not suitable for hilly or rough terrain. 

Gas Golf Cart 


  • A gas golf cart has better pulling power and runs at higher speeds. 
  • You can drive it on roads as well. 


  • It demands more maintenance and is also very noisy. 
  • It produces more pollution. It can also be dangerous to operate it in a small space.

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