How To Move On When You Still Love Your Ex?

Still Love Your Ex

It is hard to let go of someone you still love. When we start any relationship, we never imagine living without our partner. This is why many people suffer from prolonged sadness and sometimes depression after breaking up. However, if you are reading the blog, you find it hard to get over your ex, whom you still love. If everyone around you has told you that moving on will help you fight off the pain, but it might seem to be an arduous journey for you.

Since you have started reading this article, you have already taken your way to move on. We will tell you about the best practices of how to get over an ex you still love.

Don’t Give Up So Easily.

When someone says they don’t love you, it definitely breaks your heart. But remember that love is unconditional. And if you love the person, you must not give up on them until you are tired of fighting. When you try to move on without saving your relationship, the “what ifs” will eat you alive later. No matter how stupid it seems, it’s worth fighting for your love. You might fail to get your love back, but at least you will know that you have given your best to save the relationship.

Let Them Go

If fighting for your love does not bring your ex back, you have to proceed to the next step. You have to accept that they are not any more interested in staying in your life. Since there is nothing, you can do more to save your relationship, and it’s better to accept the reality that it’s over. When you deny the fact, it will not help you a bit. You need to convince your heart and mind that your partner is not going to come back.

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Be Thankful For All The Good Memories

Most of the time, we chase things that are hard to get, and, in the process, we forget everything that we have in hand. Experts say that we should count our blessings. And all the good memories that you have from your past relationship are no less than blessings. When you accept that your partner is not with you in the present, but you had spent good moments and created good memories in the past, you will be happy that some part of your life is spent in joy.

Shift Your Focus To Something Important

The best way to get over an ex is to realize that life is not only about love and romance. There are a lot many things you have to do to have a better life. Sitting back home and wallowing for your ex will not do any better in your life. You need to divert your attention to other areas, such as your personality development and career. You can also connect with like-minded people who can help you focus on becoming successful. This kind of perspective is best when you are dealing with a breakup.

Stop Communicating With Your Common Friends

If you are still reaching out to your friends who are also connected with your ex and hoping that the contact will help you get close to him, stop doing that. When you meet with the same set of people and get to know about your ex’s whereabouts, you disturb yourself. Staying connected to your ex directly or indirectly will make it hard for you to forget them.

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There are still other things you can do to move on from a person you love. But never allow your pain to stop you from living your life. Your life is precious, and the pain should end at some point. Live life to pursue your dreams and live for yourself first.