Poker Solvers: a comprehensive guide on how they work & more


Before going into the details, it is better to understand what a ‘Poker Solver’ is. It is a software program that enables players to identify the Optimal play in each situation. The players input the situation while the program indicates what they should have done.

GTO or Game Theory Optimal is an umbrella term players use as a playing strategy that is eagerly perused or sought after by which a player becomes un-exploitable by their opponents, thereby improving their winning rate. It is essentially a defensive strategy that incorporates the principles of balanced ranges and mixed strategy aiming for maximum profit.

Poker has evolved to the point where skilled players no longer think in terms of the range of hands they could have or could make their opponent think they have versus the range of hands they believe their opponents might have. As a part of the poker tools, the solvers have been created and optimized so that it is a complete forum that will help the players get solutions for any poker-related issues.

A balanced range is a range of hands that is unexploitable by a varied playing strategy. Let’s say, for instance, if you usually check all other hands and just bet your pairs, and then your opponents will be able to read and exploit you easily. For example: “X” only rises under the gun when he has a premium pair or AK. If X checks after the flop, you know he doesn’t have a pair – which means he has AK.

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If all of this has got you thinking about how you can improve your chances of playing, let alone learning, think online gaming. With the online gaming industry boom, there has been a huge surge in poker games, and more and more people are playing it online. So, you too can download poker game where you will learn from the experts, participate, and practice, and eventually groom yourself to become a professional poker player.

So, to avoid being read like this and exploited, you must balance the range of hands you bet in every situation. You should check strong hands sometimes and bet some bluffs as well. This strategy will keep your opponents guessing in every situation and protect your checking range post-flop from becoming too weak.

Applying a mixed strategy is an optimal strategy in which one varies the way one plays a hand across poker games. It is essential in preventing your opponents from easily reading you. 

So, what is a mixed strategy?

When you are using mixed strategies in poker, you should create your mixed strategies when you are playing. So, if you are facing a raise and have a mediocre hand, you should switch between betting, calling, and folding, which would also depend on how well you read your opponents. Applying the mixed strategy approach will prevent your opponent from discounting certain hands and make it harder for them to play against you.

How was this strategy developed?

How you randomize and incorporate these strategies into your game will depend on when you are playing. Given that poker is a complicated game, it is more important to use your mixed strategy correctly, especially when you are playing online games because here, you would not have the advantage of observing the physical tells of your opponents.


Randomizing mixed strategy approach

One of the most effective and foolproof ways to ensure that you get to randomize your mixed strategy game is to observe how the game is unfolding. While it is possible that for the first half of the game, you play employing one kind of strategy and a completely different one for the other half, you need to be observant so that it ensures that you do not end up facing a huge loss at the end of the game. The aim is to ensure that you are a random person so that your opponents do not have a clue of what your next move will be. 

Your opponents need to perceive you as always having the possibility of having a nutted hand, or else you can get run over. For example, if it’s likely that you can only have one pair at best, your opponent can exploit you by making big bet sizes that you cannot profitably call. To counter this possibility, you should play with strong hands. Your opponent must always dread when anticipating your next move as part of a mixed strategy.

Developing a mixed strategy is time taking

You can develop and master a strong mixed strategy over time and not overnight. For beginners playing more conservatively and eventually changing strategies as required is crucial, or you are endangered to lose heavily towards the end of the game. Applying a mixed strategy may push you through difficult situations, but with time, these will add extra layers to your game until you are comfortable with doing so.

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Your baseline strategy should be constant in most of your games, but you should deviate from it whenever appropriate to catch your opponents off-guard. The key here lies in how well you can exploit your opponents with discreet adjustments without letting them realize your strategy.

Hybrid game plan

It is imperative that you create a hybrid game strategy to maximize your profits, but you should also remember that it is not necessary against weak opponents. Your opponent may make mistakes, and so could you, but you must always target them in a way that adjusts your game for a win rather than worry about being defensive.

So, it is safe to say, unless you are playing using your strategic approach, you will not understand what works best for you. The online gaming experience is fulfilling in many ways, and you get to explore multiple games and multiple tables simultaneously, which allows you to expand your horizon and thought process. So, start building your gaming strategy to create solvers for yourself.