How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel – 2020 Guide

Have you recently discovered that making video content and sharing it with the people around you gives you joy? Does their feedback boost your creativity and inspire you to continue creating video content? Then why not start your personal YouTube channel.

YouTube is a place that enables people to share video content, and is owned by Google. Talking about its popularity, it is important to mention it grew to be the second most popular social media platform.

It is hard to even remember the times when YouTube did not exist. If you think about it, probably half of the people who talk about video content and want to suggest it, use that phrase:” You can find it on YouTube”. It is no surprise that almost one-third of the world’s population is using YouTube daily. In just 15 years of existence, close to 2 billion people are using it. Imagine how much audience and potential subscribers is an ocean of 2 billion people.

But what makes a successful YouTube channel? Here are some guidelines that will help you steer your channel in the right direction.

First thing’s first – set up your account.

Creating your channel requires only following a simple few steps. If you already have a Google account, simply go to and click “sign-in” in the top right corner of the page. Most people are already using it on all of their devices (laptops, mobile phones, tablets) and are completely unaware that they already have a YouTube account. But in case you do not, just use your Google account you want to associate your channel with to sign in and then go to your YouTube settings option. There you will find “Create a channel” options from which to choose to create it using your Google account profile photo or to create a custom name that will have nothing to do with your Google profile. The second option is usually used by companies, brands, and so on. Finalize the first step by giving your new YouTube channel an interesting name that will attract more subscribers.
By the time you finish creating a channel, there will be another google account automatically being set up, only connected to your YouTube channel storing its history. This account will be a part of your already existing Google account. 

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Step two is to give your channel a final touch-up. Choose a profile photo, and carefully think of something interesting to describe the content of your YouTube channel.

With finalizing this step, you have officially created a YouTube channel.

There are also many options offerings you to personalize and customize your YouTube channel, so get creative and add some colors to it.

You have a channel, it’s in flying colors, you have posted your first video. Some friends have clicked “subscribe” to your channel. Now, you need a bigger audience.

How to get more YouTube subscribers?

Increasing the numbers of your subscribers requires a bit of a strategy. It’s important to have subscribers, because these are your “loyal viewers”, meaning people who wish to see more of the content you post.

Some free tips on what to pay attention to, if you want more subscribers:

– Be careful about the quality of the videos you post. Nowadays, you do not need a professional camera to film a good quality video, it can also be done by a regular mobile phone with good lighting and background.

– Focus on the quality of the content you produce. It’s best to decide on how often you will post the content and then stick to this schedule. Piling up videos on your YouTube channel will not result in more subscribers. Rather focus on the quality of the content which will keep the interest of your subscribers, as a result, they will share it on their social media, and more people will see it and subscribe to your channel.

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Sticking to these two simple steps we mention should be a must. But you should also consider buying subscribers and viewers. This will significantly make your YouTube channel look more appealing and popular to viewers, which will make them click.

How to choose a trustworthy provider to buy YouTube services?

Pay special attention when choosing a provider, you will buy You Tube services from. The point is to avoid those system generated views and bots. This can complicate things for your channel later. You would want your viewers and subscribers to come gradually, which is also a guarantee the provider is trustworthy. For a detailed description of what you get when you buy subscribers for your YouTube channel and different packages you can choose to buy, visit Famous Follower.

How to make money on YouTube?

Having enough subscribers (at least 1,000) on your YouTube channel, making enough watch time hours (4,000 over the last year), owning a functional AdSense account, and complying with the policies of the platform, makes your channel eligible for monetization (entering a YouTube Partner Program). Do not let this watch time hours confuse and frighten your videos do not cover 4,000 hours. Aside from including your video hours, hours you have spent live streaming content on your YouTube channel, this also refers to the amount of time different viewers spent on watching your videos.

YouTube partner program allows you to generate income by for instance allowing ads to display, selling merchandise, subscribers paying to highlight their comments in the chats, etc.

Surely, you have noticed how many people have even managed to make serious money by becoming a “Youtuber”. They all started with a decision to commit part of their time to create interesting content that will widen their subscribers’ network and result in an opportunity to run a successful YouTube channel – an opportunity to do something truly creative.

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No one can guarantee you will grow immensely famous overnight, or you will become a multi-millionaire, but you can gain or refine your current skills, enjoy sharing your hobby or passion with the wider audience, have fun being creative and earn some money on the way.

It’s an opportunity worth taking.