How to Start Packing Moving Business in India

How to Start Packing Moving Business in India?


Starting any business needs efforts, investment, and time. If you want to start a business just to earn and it appears a lucrative career option, then give a second thought to it. Because starting anything may not be a task, but holding it and growing in the same requires lots of additional things. In simple words, business is not meant for everyone.

In this article, I would like to discuss a few points about how to start packing moving business in India.

Need of moving companies

Packers movers companies are growing due to the frequent relocations in many cities and metros. Shifting reasons can be many like transfer of job, to attain a higher education, packing moving Business , etc. Relocations can be locally, nationally, or international. It depends on the customers need and their reasons to shift.

Starting a packers movers business

If you are a beginner in this business, simply start with business plans. Try to understand the market and make some researches. Here listed are some basic things that are needed to be figured out before starting the business.

  1. Find out the locations to buy the quality packing materials at possible lowest prices.
  2. Either you own a transport or you make a partnership with someone for transport.
  3. What will be the packing cost as per the size of the flats and houses?
  4. What will be the lowest affordable quotation you can start with?
  5. Minimum labor charges needed to be calculated?
  6. What can be the recurring cost to run the business?
  7. The number of staffs that are required in the first 6 months. How many of them will stay permanently?
  8. Name of a company which is easily spelled and pronounced.

These are a few questions that should be kept in mind by the beginners. You can also meet the business owners in the same field to collect basic ideas to start, stay, and grow in the business.

Select the service areas

As you’re new to this business, it is advisable to start relocation services for locally only. This will be easy to handle and within a few months it will add you with good experiences that can be benefit to increase the shifting services for nationally and internally relocations.

Choosing right place to operate is a big question. Services areas and targeted audience are the most important deciding factors for this business. Also, decide if it is possible for you to offer a single service or will provide multiple services to the customers.

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Areas of investments

As you’ve decided to start a business, you need to think about the areas that needs investment.

  • A small office is required. It is not compulsory to have it in any complex. Renting a space is wise enough in the beginning, but you need to calculate the amount that you can easily spend as rent. There are many packers movers who are running business from years, but still they are using rented space for their office works.
  • To start an office, you need to set it with basic needs like desk, chairs, stationeries, quotation book, visiting cards, etc.
  • The packing materials and packing tools need to be arranged.
  • Staff salaries and transport maintenance is needed to calculate before only.

Company formation

You can register your business entity in different ways like proprietorship, limited liable company, partnership, or a private limited company. Registration for normal partnership and proprietorship is normal, but for the other forms of the company, you need to obtain Director’s Identification Number, digital signature certificate, and fill the form with KYC.

Get the trade licence from the municipality before applying for a bank account. Next, is to obtain the PAN card which is essential to file income tax.

Check for the company’s current account to avail the facility to the customers to pay through cheque. The customers will be uninterested to pay in your personal account.

GST registration is necessary, so apply for GSTIN.

Branding is a great perception to gain popularity for your business. Get the company’s logo designed by professionals. You can also order some custom made t-shirts for the working team.

Set-up Company’s website and spread social awareness. It is much helpful, especially for the beginners.


Starting any new business requires some basic knowledge about it. How to run a business and what to add more for better growth can be experienced with the passing time. The above listed details about company formation including registration are must.

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