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Kodak Black Shows Off Leg Injury After Being Shot Outside Justin Beiber’s Party

In multiple videos that were recently shared on Instagram, Kodak Black, the rapper, was seen showing off his leg injury after he was shot outside the party of Justin Beiber. 

Kodak was seen using a walker with his leg in a brace as he was passing out stacks of cash to the friends that were with him. 

According to multiple reports, Kodak Black suffered the injuries after he was shot outside Justin Beiber’s Super Bowl Party and in a post on February 19, 2022, the rapper shared videos where he was seen hanging out with his family and friends.

In the videos that he posted on Instagram, his injured leg was seen in a brace.

In a post that he shared, he said: 

“Minor Incident Over The Weekend But All Praise To YAHWEH.”

In the clips that were shared, Kodak was hobbling around as he chatted up his mother and they were celebrating inside his new mansion.

It was reported that Kodak Black purchased the mansion for her mother for roughly around $3 million USA.

In one of the videos that he had posted, Kodak revealed that he passed out stacks of money to his close friends even though theory loyalty is priceless.

He explained in the video:

“I Gave My Ni***s 15 Bandz a Piece Even Tho That Loyalty Priceless … & 3 New Rolex’s Kuz They Always On Time.” 

At one point of the 5 minute long video, Kodak was seen giving high fives to another man, who had a similar leg injury. 

It remains unclear if the person that was seen in the video with Kodak was involved in the shooting that happened outside the party of Justin Beiber. 

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In another Instagram video that he posted, Kodak could be seen with his leg wrapped around in a bandage and being held in place by a brace.

He said in the video:

“This what it is. Screenshot it, be happy about it. Whatever, hooray. Celebrate this muthaf*****, you heard me. ‘Bout time. I done stood up in shootouts. I done stood up in multiple shootouts and ain’t never get scratched. Just got a little scratch.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kodak Black, may he recover from his injuries in a timely manner.

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