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No More Dependency on Glasses With Orthokeratology


Most of you have been searching for various solutions to correct eyesight.

Have you ever thought about eye surgery?

Though it may sound quite complicated for many people, it is possible with Ortho-K as it is a non-surgical method.

Orthokeratology is known to be eye braces and also known as Cornea Refractive Therapy. Being present as a non-reversible method, it is a unique way of reshaping the cornea at the time you are sleeping.

Does it sound good enough?

Well, these special lenses are molded in a way that you don’t have to wear glasses for the whole day.

Significance of Ortho-K

Myopia is getting prevalence and seeing a significant increase around the world. This disease state required you to wear contact lenses or glasses. But, this situation is causing a kind of risk, sometimes like a vision-threatening disease.

Various studies have been done to reveal that Ortho-K is quite adequate in slowing down the progression of the myopic condition.

Orthokeratology contains specifically designed gas permeable contact lenses that you can even use the whole night. At the time you sleep, these lenses automatically get reshaped through the front surface of the cornea until you remove them.

The ophthalmologists generally prescribed these lenses basically for two primary purposes.

  • Useful in correcting refractive errors, principally nearsightedness. The procedure of ortho-K is meant for correcting presbyopia.
  • Sluggish the evolution of myopia from childhood.

The offered lenses are highly acknowledged for performing successfully and safely along with gas permeable lenses. Thus, these breathable GP lenses are wholly used for overnight tenacity. Undeniably, it has brought a revolution to gift a crisp vision to the patients and say goodbye to glasses or contact lenses.

The lenses are quite specialized that get flatten cornea for modifying the refractory error. You need to spend only a few weeks to get the effects of non-surgical vision. Generally, there are not many side effects related to this procedure.

How much time Ortho-K effectiveness lasts?

Orthokeratology is present as a new technique for treating myopia. Lenses are quite helpful in treating hyperopia, astigmatism, and nearsightedness. As per the reports, Ortho-K lenses generally last for about three years if used with proper care. In case your prescription gets changes, then it is required to be replaced as soon as possible.

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Being a particular kind of lenses, not all optometrists can fit them on the patients.

Are you also looking for this option?

If yes, then it is better to contact skilled optometrists who know how to use them appropriately. As it is a painless process, it works by creating a topographical map of your eye surface. They contact in-office inventory for ordering custom lenses to be used in patients. To improve vision correction, it is required to use a series of temporary lenses before ending up on the right one. Initially, you will feel like you are wearing lenses, but the time they will appear to be less evident. In order to get the best result, it is suggested to wear these lenses every night.

What kind of vision can be corrected with Ortho-K?

Frequently, myopia is meant for treating myopia temporarily. According to Orthokeratology Melbourne, the Ortho-K lenses are capable enough to correct -6.00 diopters upward in myopia. Moreover, these are also required for treating astigmatism, presbyopia, and hyperopia in minimal degrees. The whole conditions generally depend on different cases. Get the proper guidance from eye doctors after doing various tests.

Are you the right candidate for Orthokeratology?

Candidates who are diagnosed with a mild or moderate type of myopia are considered to be good candidates who can use Ortho-K. The procedure is known to be temporary; hence no or minimal risk is involved. You can also discontinue using them to find any difficulty. But, if you have started wearing glasses, then there are chances that myopia can return. Young people, children that are too young to perform LASIK can also use Ortho-K. Those who are practicing sports or have a job that required working in a dusty environment are also good candidates.

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