Tips for Storing Items In a Self-Storage Unit

Tips for Storing Items In a Self-Storage Unit


If you think that renting a self-storage unit is all about securing the items that you don’t need currently, then you are mistaken. Believe it or not, but it’s much more than that; it has a lot to do with getting extra space that you need badly.

It’s also about embracing all those opportunities that you get from time to time.

Storing your valuables in a self-storage unit removes the requirement of you guarding your house all the time.  For example, if you keep your possessions in a storage unit, you get this freedom to grab a job opportunity in a new city. You also get the freedom to travel freely in case you are an avid traveller. But when you have a lot of valuable stuff in your home, you might decide to avoid the opportunities that lie ahead of you.

In short, it’s true that most, people rent self-storage units because they don’t have that much-needed room to store their belongings. But there are also a significant number of people who use them to enjoy a certain level of freedom.

Regardless of why you need a storage unit, you must be aware of how to store your valuable items in it. Your failure to know how to secure your items increases the risk of them getting damaged.

Apart from that, you should also keep your unit organized; otherwise, you won’t be able to find an item when you badly need it.

So here is how you should store your items in a storage unit.

 Get the Perfect Size Unit

To secure your items effectively, it’s essential that you rent the right size unit. You can maximize your storage experience only when you have the correct self-storage unit to meet your needs.

So make sure that you rent a storage unit depending upon the number of items you want to store in it.

Schedule a Cleaning Session

If you want your values to be in good condition for a longer time, make sure that you clean them thoroughly before you store them in a storage unit. No matter what you are planning to secure, it’s essential to wash or disinfect it first.

Doing so will avoid having bugs and moulds in your unit. So whether you talk about furniture, kitchen equipment, clothes, shoes, or decorative items, clean them carefully before placing in a storage unit.

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Buy Packing Materials

Once you rent a unit, the next step is to buy packing essentials such as bubble wrap (used for cushioning purpose), sellotape, scissors, and marker, etc. You won’t be able to pack your valuables accordingly if you don’t have the necessary packing materials.

And if you fail to pack them the way you should, they might end up damaging. For example, if you are packing delicate items, you need cushioning materials; otherwise, their lies the risk of breakage.

 Use Same Size Boxes

If possible, use the same size boxes because they are easy to arrange. Apart from that, the same size boxes also help in utilizing the space effectively. You can stack them one on top of another to make the best use of your unit.

Disassemble The Items

If there are items that you can disassemble, make sure that you do it before storing them in your unit. It will help you save a lot of space. For example, if you are planning to secure a detachable table, make sure that you disassemble it. It’s not only crucial for saving space, but it also helps in preventing the item in question from damaging.

Mark The Boxes

When you finally start keeping your valuables in the boxes, make sure that you mark them according to the things that you place in them. You can try to distinguish them by using distinct colours. For example, you can use a green colour on the boxes which contain your kitchen equipment and red on those that have furniture.

You can even write something on top of them that helps in identifying that they contain kitchen tools or furniture.

 Place Heavy Items First

While packing a box, make sure that you place bulkier items first, and then the lighter ones. It’s useful for utilizing the space within each box.

Finally, once you finish packing all the boxes, make sure that you stack them appropriately in your storage unit.

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