What’s the Best Time to Visit Put-In-Bay?

Summer is the most popular time for many Americans to plan their trip, vacations or holiday. But aren’t you curious to know what is the Best time to visit Put-In-Bay – South Bass Island? Well, for all the fun and joy in the world, Put-In-Bay opens its hospitality to tourist from April through to October each year. Here is a breakdown of what to expect during those seven months.


Lake Erie freezes in winter, not completely, but enough to stop the Ferry from running.  Getting to the Island becomes a bit tricky.

Lots of fun activities like water sports and fishing are usually unavailable during this time of the year. Fishing in Put-In-Bay starts in spring when the icy waters recede. Anglers can enjoy reduced fishing rates in spring and charter boats are easily available for boating and fishing.

This is not the best time to visit the Island if you are looking to have fun in Put-In-Bay.


In April of every year, Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island opens its doors to tourists.  No inbound roads are linking Put-In-Bay island and the popular available option is to use ferries. 

Jet Express Ferry and the Miller Ferry

Both Ferries start running in April:

The Jet Express Ferry, is an innovative high-speed passenger-only ferry service and features a comfortable enclosed cabin in the event of weather changes. It’s the fastest on the Island and the ride involves narrations and educational information about the Island.

If you are bringing a car, then the Miller Ferry is your option – it’s the only passenger /vehicle ferry. Like Jet Express, the ride also involves narrations and educational information about the Island. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the Island from port Clinton, Ohio.

You can also get to Put-In-Bay via a private boat. There are several docks and marinas that can be hired out. The marinas accept reservations, but the docks operate on a first come, first serve basis. If you fear you will get lost, you can always depart at the same time with the ferries.

Put-In-Bay Hotels

This is the best time to visit and get amazing discounts. When visiting the Island, it’s advisable to make a reservation for Put-in-Bay hotels or resorts in advance. If it’s the shoulder season, the island is less crowded and therefore you are guaranteed great discounts.

There are several hotels that offer the best amenities for tourists with great selection of rooms and suites. Check local travel platforms such as to find affordable hotels and other accommodation option. 

The Put-In-Bay Resort is the Island’s largest hotel and home to the popular Blue Marlin Swim-up Bar. Apart from the popular swim-up bar, the resort boasts of a large 44,000-gallon pool with a D.J. stand. Bird’s Nest Resort is a quiet secluded resort situated in an 8+ acre minutes from downtown Put-In-Bay. This resort has a golf cart to rent to help you while touring the Island. 

The Edgewater Hotel is located at the center of downtown Put-In-Bay. Popular attractions such as the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society and Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial are within walking distance from the resort.

Delaware Ave street has only one resort there, that is, Commodore Resort. The resorts boast of a MIST swim-up pool bar, Caribbean style, offering cabana bottle service in downtown Put-In-Bay. It’s also the only one that provides smoking rooms. 


May is a party month in Put-in-Bay, Ohio. 

It’s a big month for bachelor/bachelorette parties here in Put-In-Bay Resort’s Blue Marlin Swim-up Bar. Apart from the popular swim-up bar and grill, should be on the itinerary for the party.  The resorts large 44,000-gallon pool with a D.J. stand is the perfect setting for a party.

Also, you can’t miss the official original Put-In-Bay island club spring fling. This is a big party that attracts close to 2000 people every year and runs from two days. Originally it was a street party every weekend for a dozen friends and family that grew into a tourist attraction party.

 Further this is the best place to spend your Memorial Day. There is usually a car parade of vintage cars and rare T models. The party runs till late and you will have all the funs and photo session with the patriotic Americans raising a glass for our soldiers.

Summer (June, July, & August)

Best time for a family getaway as kids are around. Tourists are pouring in and there is a buzzling traffic of golf carts in the island. There is an endless list of things you can do in the Islands in summer. 

Go caving starting with the crystal cave and as the name suggest be prepared to witness some awesome cave crystal. Then descend later to Perry’s cave with an underground lake. The temperature at Perry’s Cave is 50 degrees all year round. Geological finds as stalagmites and stalactites made from many years of calcium carbonate deposits are found here.

Visit the parks starting with the popular DeRivera Park that offers a huge gazebo, several historical monuments, fountains, antique weaponry, among others. It is a perfect place shaded with huge trees to relax as you check out the main drag and lake view. 

South Bass Island State Park is a nice park for camping. Yurts are available here for campers who forgot to pack. It features rock cliffs, Stunning greenery, and a beautiful cove. The kids will enjoy running around and playing in these parks. Go for water sport activities in Put-In-Bay be it parasailing, kayaking or paddleboards, and even jet skis.

September & October

We started with less crowds in April.  Experienced a surge in number of tourists in summer, and now the crowds start to disappear in September and October. Therefore, it’s an excellent time for a quieter getaway.

In September you get to learn about history for two days during the Ohio historical weekend. This is the best time to be in put in-bay at Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. You will be treated to a reenactment in the style of the War of 1812 battle at Lake Erie.

It’s time to attend the wine festival in Put-In-Bay which comes to town in October and runs from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  Admission to the event is minimal and you get to collect a commemorative event wine glass for the samples, that you can take home. Read latest trending article at

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